Cooperation to organize sustainable sugarcane production

Update: 10/14/2013

National Agricultural Extension Center has coordinated with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Quang Ngai forum held @ Extension Agriculture on " Linking sustainable sugarcane production organization " in Quang Ngai City .
Attending the conference and directed by Mr. Le Viet Chu, Vice Chairman of Quang Ngai province , said Nguyen Thanh Lam , Deputy Director of the National Center for Agriculture , representatives from several departments , institutes and centers under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development , agricultural Extension Center representatives , farmers and Central Highland provinces , companies supplying materials , processing and marketing of products ...
As reported by the Department of Horticulture , Sugarcane area of ​​283 222 ha in the country , including the Central Highland 97 235 ha , with an average yield of 53.8 tonnes / ha and a yield of 4,490,812 tons (up 417 812 tons ) . In the processing of sugar cane juice is 3,349,103 tonnes , up 662 557 tonnes from previous press service . Currently much of the cane sugar factories are contracted consumption for purchasing products from 950000-1050000 stable VND / ton .
However, the production process has encountered difficulties , sugarcane production is low . Some plants increased processing capacity , but not to focus on developing the materials . Many of the materials have not been intensive investment to improve productivity and quality in order to develop stable and sustainable . The work of new sugarcane varieties have not been properly invested . Many areas have not focused on the application of science and technology -intensive solutions to low productivity .
In his opening speech , Mr. Le Viet word for that , Quang Ngai is the " capital " of sugar . However, in recent years the area of ​​sugarcane dwindling , not increasing productivity ... due to fierce competition from other materials plant . Therefore, in the coming years the province will continue to promote the application of new techniques , mechanization to support farmers to develop the material . The forum is an opportunity to " 4 of " communication and exchange of experience in sugar cane production and sustainable consumption .
At the forum , delegates heard the farmers and managers , scientists , businesses discuss some solutions around sugarcane development , new techniques for soil improvement , intensification increased productivity , using the same new cane , put into production mechanization , improving productivity , quality , closely linked with the plant materials processed ... To develop stabilize the sugar industry , the participants suggested the State should have policies to support manufacturing , intensive encourage investment and increase productivity procurement policy , transport , and processing to ensure timely quality , especially insurance cane price to farmers .
At the forum , in the short period of time , through the 20 replied questions of the participants , the Advisory Committee was trying to answer the questions and concerns of growers . Mr. Nguyen Thanh Lam , Deputy Director of the National Center for Agriculture concluded : Through the forum , participants exchanged experiences in organizing links cane production is remarkable . Center will petition MARD have investment policies mechanization in production , improve productivity , product quality , closely linked with the plant material ...
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