Special kind of grape fruit in Phu Tho province

Update: 10/16/2013

There is a midland village on the river Lot peaceful long gentle tingle of grapefruit -known throughout the country for you , just new here . It is a land Doan Hung ( Phu Tho ) mentioned that every time , people have thought of specialty Doan Hung grapefruit .
Doan Hung grapefruit and has ever since become special since no one knows , even the elders of the village . And long ago , in the garden throughout the house are the people Doan Hung pomelo . Growers at the root and fruit chips three meals, many growers also have several acres to sell .
Said the Doan Hung grapefruit here is also similar to the conventional grapefruit country , but due to the soil grapefruit and land only in Doan Hung grapefruit good new growth and fresh fruit .
Doan Hung grapefruit tree and not as pretty as other pomelos it rustic , countryside honest as the midlands so . Doan Hung pomelo pomelo not tall as low as is usually the ground, the height can be reached berries . Glossy shells that not a yellow nursery color and not too big , just a little more flashy small bowl . Thin grapefruit peel , grapefruit pulp is not as thick as other pomelos . Grapefruit are bored , like combs long , curved meniscus meniscus . Pomelo Shrimp plump , ten shrimp as ten but not pasty . Doan Hung pomelo sweet , the sweetness is not too off . He always goes away in backpacks or bags on hand crushed three fruits as gifts , a few passers-by who did not stop to buy a few results ...
In recent years , Phu Tho provincial People's Committee has approved plans for thousands of acres specialty pomelo varieties in Doan Hung district's local . The country is famous for , like grapefruit, grapefruit Suu Chi Dam commune , London By grapefruit , grapefruit Ability Scope , grapefruit Yen Event ... This is a special area , grapefruit specific characteristics are easily recognized . For example , grapefruit peel In London with brownish yellow , sweet aroma characteristic bold he is not bitter . Buffalo green yellow grapefruit peel , strong characteristic smell , he does not sound bitter sweetness . In recent times , people also established cooperative business to protect brand grapefruit Doan Hung grapefruit not only locally but also in the whole country .
Doan Hung grapefruit today brought high income for peasants . The last months , grapefruit harvested . Type commonly sold in garden or grapefruit for passersby prices from 20000-30000 copper / results . As of Buffalo in Chi Dam grapefruit sold on the occasion of Tet , the price of 60000-70000 copper / results . Having family has planted and grow pomelos have hundreds of million of income per year .
Doan Hung grapefruit sweetness , aromatic heart seminars earth . Coming to Doan Hung , the village in the commune , address inquiries grapefruit plantations , everyone warm introduction to his hometown specialty grapefruit . When the grapefruit orchards , unfortunately not all the additional results revealed a pair of invites guests to enjoy , if not satisfied purchase later . Grapefruit flavor and feel of the Lot river hold who ever set foot on peaceful countryside this midlands .
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