Concentrated passion fruit juice into effervescent

Update: 10/17/2013

An effervescent lemon into a glass of water , after a few minutes I get glasses with lemon flavor , color , taste ... such as fresh lemon water .
This is the first study of effervescent lemon in Vietnam by master Ton Nu Nguyet Thu , Department of Food Technology , Faculty of Chemical Engineering , HCM City University of Technology made . Mr. Doan Thuong , a farmer near the village lemon 1 ha Penglai , Hiep Thanh Commune , Duc Trong District , Lam Dong Province , said : " Farmers are often forced to price when harvest season .
There are also some local processing plant to juice , bottled water , but also not very professional , so farmers can not obtain stable output " . Heard of lemon effervescent , he Commerce is excited , hoping the effervescent products are commercially produced , the farmers will be better able to enrich and passion fruit .
Passion ( aka cool cool ) as many fruits are preferred , also because of this that many people bought for flavoring mixed with sugar deceive consumers . In addition to selling fresh , some basis in Da Lat , Duc Trong , Single Path ( Lam Dong province ) also prepared local specialties such as juice , bottled water ... however, these products are limited -time use and food hygiene .
According to Oriental medicine , passion fruit helps relieve the symptoms of asthma , coronary heart disease , reduce the growth of cancer cells , thermal bar ; contain narcotic ingredients . Also in this fruit also contains iron , potassium is good for health . Besides manufacturing effervescent lemon from left , Master Yue succeeded in creating passionfruit pulp by spray drying technology .
Currently Master Yue desired technology transfer passionfruit pulp , lemon nectar member to help businesses commercialize products and generate the output stability for farmers .
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