Vietnam Turpentine oil processing technology

Update: 10/18/2013

Rosin and the oil are two major products made ​​from resin . According to FAO data , turpentine production worldwide reached 1.2 million tons / year , of which about 60 % is refined rosin and 35 % dauthong .
The country has the potential to export products from the world's leading plastics are China, Indonesia , Portugal . In which China exported approximately 277,000 tons , accounting for 70 % of world trade , followed by Indonesia about 46,000 tons and Portugal with 26,000 tons .
United States is the country with the largest output accounted for 50 % of world production .
TS . Pham Anh Tuan said that our country has the natural conditions of climate and soil suitable for crop development information for the purpose of exploitation plastic and wood . Synthesis report of the data locality ( 2005 ) , the national forest about 194 721 ha , of which an area of ​​around 90,000 hectares of pine plantation , distributions from the Northeast , Northwest , Delta Ministry , Central coast , Southeast and Central Highlands .
In our country , the exploitation and processing of resin has a long but mostly by craft production methods , create products to serve the national economy . Since 1975 began the period of nation-building after the war until 2000 , the tree was considered to be an investment resource development for export .
Many facility operators and farm -scale processing has been born with the line set Biche processing technology imported from abroad , specifically in Uong Bi , Quang Ninh ( technology and equipment from Germany , the 1991 is changed by technology and equipment from Japan ) , Quang Binh (Japan ) and Lang Son , Nghe An , Ha Tinh (China ) ...
"The technology is unique in that can fully exploit the " heat and mass transfer " , motivate distillation process , to meet the requirements turpentine distillation technology , enhanced recovery oil , stable working mode does not depend on weather conditions , reduce the consumption of coal and water , reducing the time and temperature distillation , improve product quality rosin " , PhD. Pham Anh Tuan said .
Besides , inherited chain and improve technology development , engineering equipment parts ( liquid , washing , sedimentation , filtration and plastic transport services ) to create a uniform system work to streamline the process of matching , thereby improving efficiency and service quality clean plastic before distillation stages .
The line of research into the information processing oils have a direct impact on the expansion and diversification of the scale and scope of practical application into production in our country . From the economic perspective , an information line scale oil production of 5,000 tons / year offer worth 200 billion / year , contributing to increased exports , saving foreign currency to import technology and equipment foreign . Processing chains into crystal dauthong create practical manufacturing jobs and more income for thousands of people from farming , mining , and processing services resin .
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