Hybridized corn harvest season at KY Son highland

Update: 10/19/2013

The last day of September , early October , the farmers in Ky Son district ( Nghe An ) are entering corn harvest . Corn harvest this year , earned more income households significantly .
On route to Huu Lap , bustling with dump truck light of maize cultivation and the gathering point of harvest corn farmers of the foam II , premium foam , low foam and Na to purchasing .
Vi Van Xuan Nhi in the foam , said: " This year his family planted corn hybrids 15kg . It is expected this will be about $ 20 million from the corn . " Ray maize to previous years , but he also low-yield paddy , the product obtained is not sufficient to meet the needs of the family . From past few years , thanks to the advocacy of the districts and communes , he and many people in the village had converted to hybrid corn crops , each crop of economic efficiency is improved remarkably .
According to Spring , hybrid maize pretty easy , from sowing seeds to fertilize , harvest are pretty easy . Besides , the product is easy to harvest consumption , traders brought the car to take , take cultivation purchasing . This year , Huu Lap commune planted about 400ha of maize , brought about a significant source of income for farmers .
Located next to Saving Huu Huu Lap is a commune in the district is leading in the area of ​​hybrid corn . Ha Minh Phuc - Vice President of CPC , said: " The area of ​​the commune corn nearly 500ha . Most were transferred from paddy cultivation acreage . It is geared reasonable conversion plant , markedly effective in producing life of people in society . "
Conversely route runs along the left bank of the Nam Mo River , we had quite a large corn fields on her family's Lo Thi Huong . Huong said her family's corn harvest in addition to food for cattle , and the rest sold to traders , expected revenue of over 25 million.
According to the Agriculture Department, Ky Son district , in 2013 , the district was about 2.500ha maize planting . Corn area is mainly focused on planning communes located along Highway 7A including Chieu Luu Huu Lap , Huu Kiem , we have that , Mark Ferry and Nam Can . Most of this area was converted from paddy fields and initially demonstrated economic efficiency .
However, people here are generally sold corn after harvest in the field. Whereas , if dried corn prices will probably be higher than the revenue increase for her child .
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