The way to distinguish visually between Vietnamese gingers and Chinese ones

Update: 10/19/2013

According to traders selling ginger at Dong Xuan Market (Hanoi) , ginger root to China , with thin skin , plumper , more water , less and less aromatic than spicy ginger should not be difficult to distinguish .
Vietnam ginger  has many branches , as people grow , harvest of the earth is shaking just need you to not use clean water . Ginger superficially looked taupe , while Chinese ginger pale .
If compared in size to ginger Chinese ginger was twice the average Chinese ginger weighing 3-5 grams in weight when ginger was only 0.5 to 1 , 5g .
In addition to size , Chinese ginger on the surface can be recognized immediately by the harvest , ginger Chinese soil is washed , packed in cardboard boxes with 10kg/thung weight . Meanwhile , ginger Vietnam 's land is still in the slot , ginger branch .
" The order to land , not in water helps wash ginger preserved longer , the average can be stored for 1 thang.Tuy course , do not understand Chinese ginger washed soil , exposed to water transport 3 months but so far has not been rotten , "said Nguyen Thi Hang at Dong Xuan market said . Because good design , though appetite but ginger Chinese ginger 's always more expensive than Vietnam .
According to Nguyen Thi Ha - The Director of the Quarantine Department VII ( Lang Son ) : Vietnam is also used several varieties of ginger , which has tubers , small tubers , but there is no any kind of ginger root to such Chinese ginger . If compared in size , Chinese ginger is always to double or even ginger 3 times in Vietnam .
And Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hong - Department of Plant Protection ( MARD ) , the Chinese ginger to size , beautiful design , are not spicy , aromatic ginger have not yet been washed soil , thin crust should bars, restaurants , the hotel is consumed .
Typically , Chinese ginger thin , easy to clean up as many subjective processing peel should not risk the health effects from pesticides is very high . While Vietnam's ginger peel the thick rough , a lot of land in the slot tubers before processing should be cleaned often and scraping should cover the risk to the health effects of pesticides can be decreased by 90 % .
Source: Phi Long-
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