Quang Ngai Province: the season of dried baby shrimp

Update: 10/22/2013

This year, the baby shrimps season earlier than previous years, especially after the 11 storms so far over 500 boats in the small capacity of 5 fishermen coastal districts of Quang Ngai province was hit by a procession of the season, each vessel boat per day collected 4 to 6 million.

Many coastal fishermen said the small shrimps season usually lasts from October to January lunar or lunar February. But this year, after the storm in central small shrimps of men had many near shore sooner, she facilitates the exploitation and income generation in the season pretty rough seas.

At the beach village Phuoc Thien Binh Hai commune (Binh Son), 4 days dozen small boats with a capacity of fishermen gathered up about 400-500m from shore exploitation of small shrimps collected tens of tons per day small shrimps , fishers brought ashore to where the traders buy up to it, fresh small shrimps prices ranged from 7,000 to 10,000 VND / kg.

Fisherman Nguyen Van Lanh said: This is the first season buds small shrimps sea the fishermen should we all have to win, "receiver fortune," every day of my crew collected about a ton of fresh small shrimps, about $ 7 - 8 million. Also in the Binh Chau (Binh Son district), Tinh Ky (Son Tinh District), Pho Quang (Duc Pho) daily 400 boats focused on exploiting small shrimps, small shrimps output here every day at starting from 150 tons to 200 tons of small shrimps, the crew collected every day from 4-6 million, a significant source of income for fishermen with small power boat specialist inshore fishing.

Ms. Thi Lieu, a small shrimps traders who buy said: "A few years ago I specialize in buying dried or dried consumption Highlands provinces and the northern provinces. small shrimps season arrived early this year every day I purchasing over the place in the seas about 100 tons, bagged and transported and sold in Da Nang provinces Northern fee. small shrimps how much volume we buy all that much.

" Season the small shrimps was not made source of income for hundreds of fishermen's boats, but also create jobs for thousands of workers serving local transport small shrimps moved from the boat to shore, close to the small shrimps which, taken up work truck ... each collected at least 100,000. /.

According to Nguyễn Đăng Lâm (TTXVN)


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