Vietnam Coconut shell based granular activated carbon

Update: 10/23/2013

Coconuts are grown in Vietnam . Coconut tree , from root to tip will bring economic value to growers . Today, the utilization of coconut shell activated carbon for the production has brought a significant source of income for farmers .
Why do use coconut shell charcoal ?
Because carbon has a very hard and , coconut shell was chosen as the ideal material for the production of activated carbon . Vietnam Dua area is classified as high value , besides India, Malaysia , Sri Lanka , and the Philippines .
Method of producing coconut shell charcoal ?
Coconut shell / coconut is purchased from the coconut meat processing facilities , is clean shaven fibers , put into sealed combustion furnaces , steam or spray acid to increase the maximum adsorption capacity . Once baked , coconut shell charcoal are classified according to size in accordance with the actual application .
Why Better Than coconut shell charcoal ?
Charcoal made ​​from coconut shell structured hollow capillaries and smaller than those made from coal . Therefore, it has an area of ​​exposed surfaces is much bigger , just filter smaller particles .
Moreover, due to stiffer coconut shell charcoal coal should be stable , less prone to breakage , less create more dust .
Coconut shell charcoal is the application ?
Most applications are using activated carbon from coal can be switched to coconut shell charcoal . Coconut shell charcoal with water appropriate TOC with low index . In filtered air / gas , coconut shell charcoal has more advantages when adsorbed VOC , especially the organic matter molecules lightweight .
But there are also cases of shell activated carbon is less effective than coal, for example, when dealing with high TOC surface water , wastewater treatment , color removal . Activated carbon from coal is more efficient when processing organic matter molecules heavier .
Can coconut shell charcoal water filter ?
Of course ! This is the strength that proved coconut shell charcoal for a long time and absolutely excels in all types of activated carbon .
With a reasonable investment in technology , equipment , Vietnam can begin to provide the kind of market coconut shell charcoal quality , achieved some international standards .
It is time for Vietnamese coconut shell charcoal ?
Considering both technically and economically , it's time to switch to coconut shell charcoal production in Vietnam yet? According to the test results above , because Vietnam coal production can substitute for imported coal in some applications . Compared with activated carbon produced by Chinese coal Vietnamese coconut shell charcoal is completely dominant.
In terms of cost , in the near future , China Coal certainly will not be cheap any more because :
· The value of the yuan is rising due to U.S. pressure .
· Fuel costs for Chinese manufacturers will increase.
· Meanwhile , Vietnam can take advantage of the coconut leaves , coconut charcoal as fuel .
So if you are using activated carbon derived from Chinese coal , create opportunities for manufacturing activated carbon is our opportunity to grow .
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