Vietnam Sargassum

Update: 10/24/2013

For travelers planning professed no interest , but Vietnam's marine resources is what dreams many investors , including kelp farming food production , beverages , industrial raw materials and fuel biology .
But seaweeds such as kombu famous food ( Laminaria ) of China, wakame ( Undaria pinnatifida ) Korea's are priced very high , especially type of seaweed nori ( Porphyra ) of Japan currently sells for approximately 20,000 dollars for a new environment . In natural conditions , all kinds of seaweed ( Gracilaria ) , Sargassum ( Sargassum ) , frozen seaweed ( Hypnea ) , Nori ( Porphyra ) and bun weed ( Enteromorpha ) has developed very fast speed where the water was warm waters .
Sargassum alone group had a compass widely distributed from north to south and the islands , where the most concentrated area coast city of Danang and Quang Nam , Binh Dinh , Khanh Hoa , Ninh Thuan . Productivity measured in assembly areas sometimes up to 7kg per square meter of water surface , on average less than 5.5 kg/m2 , creates sustainable source materials for these plans to exploit the processing and supply points , but only favorable environment farming .
Is open to a variety of Sargassum algae ( macroalgae ) cough medicine Sargassaceae Sargassum floating in the river water . Cylindrical trunk near tron , samples from olive green to brown , sometimes grow to several meters includes a leg press, a set of long-stemmed branching and foliage genital carry bags ( ovum or distributed ) . Place a few molds of many spherical pocket when help upright foliage hence easily photosynthesis .
Where some other species itself quite unforgiving to vote on each other to keep the trees from being washed away where strong currents . In mammals natural condition under development Sargassum tide , so click on foot has been attached , on coral reefs or rocks end . But when the water surface was swept up the river they continue , cloning , and then washed ashore .
In our country , where some species Sargassum more northern waters , including mammals such familiar Sargassum Sargassum sliquarum guns , Sargassum piece of S. grucillium , Sargassum S. Ash glaucescens , S. thorns tins Sargassum cinereum , S. besom Sargassum Sargassum is tough virgatum and S. augustifolium . But reserves Sargassum many times greater than the areas of butter where the Central , South and islands where .
Especially common with well developed high density of individuals Hon Chong and Bai Tien Khanh Hoa province , and in Son Hai , Ca Na , My Tan Ninh Thuan province with two main types S. polycystum and S. News kjillmanianum species S. muticum are many countries aquaculture is economic exploitation .
In fact , industry alginates extracted from Sargassum our country has not yet developed . The problem is that we are still dependent on natural exploitation in different areas in different months . Input materials and therefore have not stabilized , leading to output supply of poor quality compared with similar goods from China, the country 's annual production of 10,000 tons of sodium alginate ( nearly 1/3 of yield Category world ) from two species of Laminaria and Sargassum seaweed looks .
Demand alginate on the world market has never been reduced , due to intake of industrially scalable preparation of food and beverages as well as levels of regular use in the production lines of paper and linen . Use of wastewater treatment Sargassum mining areas , industrial plant and seafood processing factories are being concerned . Broad product may then be eluted to recover the rare earth metals ( lanthanides ) and heavy metals before infection when incubated biogas generators running .
Especially in recent years, as noted Sargassum biomass resources giant , goat farming , development and blood supply again susceptible to exploit raw materials for factories produced biofuels . The two main components of seaweed is fucoidan and alginic acid are illusory remember these enzymes into fuel . Many countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia has planned deployment .
Earlier this month 11/2008 is a collaborative project between Korea and Indonesia sign five empty islands of Maluku , Belitung and Lombok to produce biodiesel technology in Italy . But all is more ambitious project initiated Japan from October 3/2007 , under which they use to total water surface looks 10.000km2 species Sargassum Sargassum hondawara each year to produce 20 million cubic meters of bioethanol , means equivalent to one third of fuel consumption in the country.
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