Experience in Galanga production and processing

Update: 10/24/2013

Three years ago the tree was confirmed arrowroot plant is strong , with high economic value , help farmers Don Phong commune ( Bach ) income growth , poverty reduction , so the area is constantly extended on a yearly basis . Having this result is due to the local government took the initiative , acumen manufacturers as well as find markets , thereby encouraging investment in people , expanding area .
London Rooms are uplands , less rice area , so local to promote the advantages of hilly forest and beach inspired encourage people to invest in the economic development of planted trees have high economic value , including arrowroot plant . According to the assessment , land capable of growing arrowroot in London Rooms are quite large as a Service lands , land soi beaches , coastal hills , streams, beaches by land . Based on this advantage local authorities intensified campaign to encourage people to plant trees arrowroot in the policies of the provincial and district levels , not only promote , but also potentially raise land revenue .
Understanding the economic value of this crop , local people took advantage of the land is capable of growing to replace arrowroot crops with low economic value . Twin Affairs in collaboration with the specialized agencies to organize technical training on how to plant , care , fertilizing and pest control help farmers capture a new farming techniques , scientific school effectiveness .
At the same time buy arrowroot contact QA for her children .
 Now , arrowroot plant is strongly developed in the commune , the area of ​​the hill, along the slit , was inspired lots greened by arrowroot , the number of households enrolled plant growing area on is expanding . If 2011 was 12.56 hectares planted throughout society , with 21 households , the production reached 1,130 tons in 2012 commune 49.87 hectares planted with 231 households , production reached 4,488 tons . This result suggests arrowroot plant is suited to the local soil conditions , high economic value . According to preliminary plans 1.000m2 area farmers with incomes above 13 million.
Area arrowroot plant is increasingly expanding , so the market is finding problems are always Don Phong commune authorities concerned . In 2011 the commune had a preliminary basis arrowroot products in Na Vang , with a capacity of 3-5 tons of tubers / day . Meanwhile arrowroot products is quite large so that private foundations can not consume products for her children . Under these circumstances , the local authority has worked directly with the owners to find solutions to , the unification of all processing facilities , the CPC has been working with traders in and out in order to materialize current consumption arrowroot tubers products for farmers .
Thanks to the proactive , positive local governments that in the past two years arrowroot tubers are consumed with price stability 1,200 VND / kg , but the price is not high , but the first step was to create conditions for people to rest manufacturing center .
In 2012 , thanks to benefit from development projects to support production of the national target program on building new rural cooperative housekeeping has prioritized support for starch processing machine group in rural households semiconductors . At the same time encourage and create favorable conditions for the policies to individuals and organizations that purchase machinery conditions , open the local processing plant .
Accordingly , in Na Vang also a private foundation self- investment in machinery , building workshops for the procurement and processing of People arrowroot tubers . Thus, in the commune, Phong Don now has 3 base arrowroot starch , these institutions have made commitments to people in the cultivation and consumption of products . There market is relatively stable so people have assured production , far arrowroot crop area of 81.43 ha is communal , increased many times over 2010 .
Mr. Trinh Xuan Thanh , Chairman Don Phong commune said : Currently the arrowroot processing facilities in communes with small-scale . So to meet the consumption of arrowroot growing local governments are looking forward to provinces , districts and agencies concerned with mechanisms and policies to support the interest rate on loans to households participate arrowroot in processing . Also consider a production support for the eastern group are capable of doing local sorghum .
Thanks to the spirit of initiative and responsiveness of local government in London should arrowroot plant room has market relatively stable . From the peace of mind that help farmers produce , extended area , taking care of public investment contributes to productivity , crop yields , increase income , reduce poverty effectively .
According to Ha Thanh -
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