Lotus planting model

Update: 10/25/2013

The lotus  planting model , people currently favored lowland areas , by planting process , easy care and quick harvest . Compared with rice , this model for higher incomes .
Pham Thi Lam family ( 60, Rach Kien , Thanh Tuyen , Dau Tieng ) took advantage of the lowlands to get looked lotus . With a land area of ​​2.000m2 , her family dug a pond lotus and began dropping in 2005 . Ms Lam said : " Lotus is very easy to grow , tending light , using relatively little fertilizer and harvesting period lasts year round lotus .
As flooded soil , mud , the lotus as much as to look . Sen approximately 1 year after planting can be harvested . The rainy season is sen lower yielding dry season . "
Currently, the family she worked a day once harvested lotus . Once harvested 5 - 10kg , with prices ranging from 30000-35000 VND / kg , or an average monthly income of about $ 4 million , higher than rice . This income not only help her family cover daily living expenses , but also for the child 's education .
Chairman Farmer Thanh Tuyen Huynh Van Duong , said : " With the advantage of the short harvest time , less investment and care , consumer products easier , get looked lotus growing in the rice fields lying is the appropriate model for cooperative farmers .
Therefore, many farmers are considering and investment lotus . In addition, the continued development of specialty orchards towards mangosteen associated with ecotourism . From there , help farmers escape poverty , to make rich lowlands in Thanh Tuyen " .
According to T.Lý - Đ.Tuân - Binh Duong news (
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