Pepper exports are planned to be sustainable

Update: 10/26/2013

Vietnam is the world leader in production of pepper exports , accounting for 50% of the volume of world exports . However, according to experts , to develop sustainable pepper , Vietnam to overcome the limitations unbranded , mostly crude production , low cost , safe sanitation and poor food under development planning .
Export to over 80 countries and territories
As reported by the Vietnam Pepper Association ( VPA ) in Conference pepper Sustainable Development 2013 , in 2011-2013 , pepper industry continuously growing exports ( exports ) , from 118 416 tonnes in output 2011 increased to 125,000 tons in 2013 , accounting for 50% of the volume of world exports , turnover of 850 million USD. Text Vietnam currently exports to over 80 countries and territories with the average price of black pepper was $ 6,471 / ton , white pepper $ 8,911 / ton .
The country has 13 processing plants reaching high quality standards , the total capacity of over 60,000 tonnes in category packaging diverse , satisfying the needs of the market requires high quality , such as the U.S. , Japan and Europe .
Vietnam pepper industry role in regulating the circulation, stabilize the world price , income and profits of the major growers , export trading companies effectively .
" Forecast 2014 production situation Pepper exports continued stability in prices with an output of 130,000 tons and $ 900 million turnover . From 2015 onwards may appear difficult challenges of supply and demand , prices . Whatever the circumstances under which Vietnam is exporting manufacturers leading pepper if there is a consensus in the supply chain from farmers to agents , firms supplying and finally export companies , including more farmers coordinate sales and prices , "said Do Ha Nam - VPA President said .
TS . Do Trung Binh - Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology Vietnam , said imports ( imports ) in the world is estimated at $ 3 billion in 2013 , which accounted for 44 % pepper seasoning to become global leader world in terms of volume and value . Forecast global pepper production is estimated at 315,000 tons this year , up 5 % compared with 2012 , if the domestic consumption of pepper producing countries , the export capacity is much lower than the demand .
" Due to 2.9 times higher performance compared with Indonesia , 8.2 times higher than India should cost Vietnam pepper production lower than the water . On the other hand the quality of pepper is not inferior to evaluate other exporting countries in flavor , color , oil content , " TS . Do Trung Binh said.
Supposed to be sustainable
According to the VPA , the factors that helped Vietnam pepper industry sustainable development in the future is the ability to stabilize prices for farmers and pepper developed area in the planning, direction and clean products . Accordingly, the presence of pepper has approximately 60,000 ha , 50,000 ha in excess of plan of MARD , VPA therefore recommends limiting farmers expand the area where the natural conditions are not suitable . Transfer from development of quantity to quality , improving export market for white pepper , pepper powder to increase the value of products , production processes GAP organic and sustainable trend .
At the same time, the pepper export companies implement the updated information on prices and trade , integrated analysis of supply and demand forecasts , market prices , branding , geographic origin , soon put into practice from production to export the generated strong competition .
" 6 years, Vietnam has growers awake , do not fall into the trap disturbing information about supply and demand , prices , price to sell in bulk to keep aviation , actively select appropriate time to sell , create authority to determine the price and limit the control of speculators . This is the lesson of the pepper industry in which farmers and enterprises agreed performance and persistence , "said Do Ha Nam said .
Perspective, DN , Le Anh Tuan - Director JSC Inspection and Certification Vietnam goods that a key problem is that pepper industry needs to ensure food safety through the restriction lowest level of plant protection products . The reason is that in 2013 , VPA and pepper export companies have had a hard time when dealing with a bad news for Vietnam standards on residues of plant protection products . Therefore, the authorities should cooperate and VPA organized a comprehensive program evaluation and use of pesticide residues in plant specimens Vietnam . This helps improve the timeliness and credibility for strengthening Vietnam pepper .
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