Use pressed rice husk as high quality fuel

Update: 10/26/2013

In Quang Tri town has dozens of mills and food processing operations . In particular , in the areas of planning Ba Ben Ward 2 , Quang Tri town on business three large-capacity milling ( 4000-5000 tons of waste straw / year ) were discharged a huge amount of environmental husk heavy pollution in the town as well as waste material from the chaff .
" After one year has not been established but firewood products from the husk of the plant above is not enough supply to businesses pottery , dried seafood , coffee ... in the country " , said Le Minh Chau , Head of Economics Department , said Quang Tri Town .
Each plant husks of pressed wood with a capacity of 1.2 kg wood / hour will solve the nearly 10 local employees to pay 3 to 5 million / month . Private businesses profit margin of 300 to 400 million / year from the husks into fuel pressure .
Looking ahead , Quang Tri province will conduct deployment and scaling the model across the province .
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