Doan Hung grapefruit get high prices

Update: 10/29/2013

According to the Association of Doan Hung grapefruit ( Phu Tho ) , the district now has over 3,000 participating households pomelo with a total area of ​​1,400 ha .
In particular , an area of about 800 ha was harvested , grapefruit production in 2013 is estimated at 7,000 tons of goods worth is estimated at over 105 billion. The commune covers an area of ​​more grapefruit are: Chi Dam , In London , Guilin, Hung Quan Rich , The Middle ...
Through fieldwork in the garden : Like grapefruit could only yield average of 60 fruits / tree ( and in some cases reached 150 fruit trees ) , planted about 300 trees per hectare would result in 700 million; Grapefruit In London average yield of 80 fruits / tree , 1 ha will also income from 300-320 million.
Thanks in Doan Hung grapefruit but now there are hundreds of household income is from 50-300 million / year . Thu Nguyen Dinh - District Chairman said Doan Hung District will at all costs to protect , preserve and develop brand grapefruit , grapefruit initially Doan Hung helped farmers out of poverty and becoming rich. ..
Currently, most of the pomelo orchards to harvest time , has hit the automotive customer for a ride twice . Bui Van Anh Tho in Chi 2 villages ( communes Chi Dam ) said : Park has 70 original house scheduled for harvest this year will result in 2,000 , with 50,000 sales price / performance as today , he grasped firmly in 100 million on hand , customers have also purchased the garden from a fortnight ago .
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