Vietnam - Israel's full cooperation in agriculture

Update: 1/11/2013

Vietnam and Israel pledged to further promote bilateral cooperation in the fields of agriculture, rural areas , especially in the areas of seed and water technology .
In talks on 31/10 in Hanoi between the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and the State of Israel Mr. Yair Shamir , the two sides highly appreciated the achievements in the cooperation process over time , and expressed a desire to continue to expand comprehensive cooperation in the future .
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, the State of Israel , Mr. Yair Shamir said Israel has the advantage of high technology associated with agriculture , especially in the field of research should look forward to cooperating with research institutions Vietnam 's specialty .
At the same time , Israel also wants to be an exporter of agricultural products to Vietnam , as well as cooperation in the field of intellectual property to ensure that the business system is also protected in this area .
Cao Duc Phat, Minister appreciated the training methods have been implemented in both Israel and Vietnam .
Minister proposed to enhance cooperation in the field of irrigation applied advanced technology , save in accordance with the conditions of Vietnam .
Minister Cao Duc Phat desired irrigation technology will be expanded to hundreds of thousands of hectares not just another model . Goals before 2020 to 10 million ha is applied this advanced technology . The combination of production equipment at Vietnam to reduce transportation costs .
Minister Cao Duc Phat suggested Israel continue to organize and support programs / training courses for officials of Vietnam on raw agricultural processing and post-harvest storage , application of information technology in the management and operation out irrigation , climate change and desertification processes , biotechnology , aquaculture .
Minister Cao Duc Phat Israel also proposed new construction projects and technical support investment in the fields of technology production and preservation of fruits and vegetables without chemicals , animal technology .
Promoting cooperation in science and technology applications are also Vietnam attaches great importance , especially for seeds and water technology . Vietnam also abide by the regulations on intellectual property .
According to Minister Cao Duc Phat , agricultural development in Vietnam is the time to continue to expand the market of agricultural products exported to countries but also ready for agricultural products , machinery and equipment import modern Israel .
The Vietnam only requires a simple statement about the quality control system of food safety from Israel to creating trust between the two countries .
2013 is the milestone 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Israel . During this time the two countries have developed many collaborative activities are highly effective as short -term training courses in Israel , focusing on the cultivation and processing of fruits and vegetables , post-harvest technology , marine engineering interests and irrigation management .
Training Program in Israel agricultural practices deployed since 2008 with more than 2,160 students were sent to Vietnam .
Israel and collaborative research , model building through projects such as construction of Hanoi Experimental Station ; greenhouse project in Hanoi , Hai Phong , projects and experimental farm at The Dairy Show Ho Chi Minh city (active from the end of 2012 at a cost of one million dollars , with the goal of becoming a high-quality farm and training center for Southeast Asia . / .
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