Vietnam Fish maws are favoired in many countries

Update: 4/11/2013

Bubbles pangasius , each product is in excess of the plant, through the hands of the farmers town Oc Eo ( Thoai Son , An Giang ) became export earning millions of dollars each year .
Defects throne
In the town of Oc Eo , we find the basis of processing of fish bubble Pham Thi Phuong to learn more about this strange profession . Phuong said: " My husband Facility 's wife is one of the fish processing bubble first and largest exporter of Oc Eo town . Husband changed into this bag for 3 years now and feel better life before ... " .
According to Ms. Phuong , in recent years Chinese consumption bubble tra , basa fish were processed through the dry bulk purchase prices are high for the processing of their specialties .
Meanwhile bubble catfish , basa fish fillets in the frozen plant in An Giang long largely sold to small farmers to take advantage of as animal feed .
From this need , in 2007 , both she and her husband " take the plunge " into all groceries , put capital back home in East New incubation , Oc Eo town renovation field has leveled 8.000m2 garden just to build open up storage facilities acquisition and processing pangasius export bubble .
In the process she Phuong processing :
From bubble dried fish to undergo preliminary stages . First of all bubble to the fish upside down to get the blood and tendons then just wash and brine the day a night to clean fish and white balloons .
Next is the fish into the hot bubble rubber tube ( a tube balloon dilatation of 4-5 fish depending on bubble size ) , bring sun to dry for two days and then sent packing for export . The entire rubber tube hot bubble fish is due to design her Phoenix form the basis of his own and bring to HCMC set mold .
Ms. Phuong said the experience exporting this item : " The most important thing is to clean , no blood , if the bubble is going to damage the fish . Roughly 10kg fish bubbles will bubble out 2kg dry " .
Every day of her average consumption basis from 5-6 tonnes of fresh fish bubble then dried preliminary Stored . To proactively source input , you must deposit Phoenix , offtake contracts with dozens of factories frozen fish fillets in An Giang , Can Tho along with 4 ovens investment bubble fish exclusively for season storm , to ensure sufficient exports .
Processing villages
Mr. Tran Xuan Truong (born 1960 , lives Oc Eo town - Thoai Son ) confided : " The job processing conditions to export bubble fish of the family , I did it by accident. Previously tui family living buying and selling dried fish . following are suggested friends , commodities bubble tra , basa fish in An Giang province refused many countless stars buying for export .
Seeing a friend 's suggestion is also reasonable , so I walked for learning how to make dry fish bubble at the base of Chau Doc , Tan Chau . Initially she just arrived into the profession has faced many difficulties . But thanks to the dedicated security just ahead of the so everything was cool roof sail smoothly to this day ... " .
He confessed School : From career move fish processing bubble to now , average each year , the family income of over 10 billion. After deducting all costs , profit family of over 1.5 billion.
It can be said , to craft bubble fish - catfish of the people in the town of Oc Eo and development prevailing in a good way . Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong , Tan Hiep Hamlet , erosion error saying : " Thanks to the family fish bubble pocket money to cover daily expenses . Thing this profession gentle , easy to make less effort required . Persons who well , each day is 15 - 20kg fish bubble , with a remuneration of 4,500 VND / kg, the same as for hundreds of thousands of players ... " .
Talk to us , Pham Hung Em - Vice Chairman confirmed Oc Eo town : " The introduction of these facilities have contributed to solve the food and employment for thousands of workers idle local . Whereby gradually improving life for the poor people . "
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