Cassava leaves are used as food for cattle

Update: 6/11/2013

The experience of many where cassava is annealed to completely remove the toxins to produce nutritious food reserves long as livestock feed , especially in the winter months of food shortage blue and crystal , make use of cassava in place to save the cost of bringing high economic efficiency . This is done as follows :
- Flame test and harvesting cassava leaves behind (probably before or after harvest tubers are harvested , does not affect the quality ) and wilting humidity is 65-70 % , providing short- cut 3 - 5cm in the blend with 2-4 % molasses , salt 0.2-0.4 % .
Without molasses can use flour , corn flour or rice bran to replace with a higher rate of 4-6 % . If you can use molasses , or diluted in spray bottle to spray it thoroughly boring box into the waste rock pile , if the wheat flour , corn flour or rice bran , then use your hands to mix well with cassava leaves before incubation in the silo .
- Silo is the circular hollow tube with a diameter of about 1.2-1.4 m , 1.3-1.4 m high made ​​of many different materials such as concrete , wood , corrugated iron and can ... stacked to the desired height . In no case may the silo pits dug , cement tanks or use the plastic bag to compression certainly were incubated . Use plastic to line the bottom and around the silo before the cassava mixture and additives cause fermentation in the compost .
Just after 1 class cassava leaves 10 - 15cm thick back legs used for compaction dress or cassava leaves down until filled silo . Finally, use plastic sealed and closed up 1 20 - 30cm soil layer ( substrate ) up. Use a bag of sand or soil layers arranged one above , as rain and sun roof truss .
- After 30-45 days can be removed gradually feedlot . If there is no immediate need for food preservation can be stored for 5-7 months . Product quality assurance is pleasant fragrance , color yellow onion , buffalo loves to eat . It is possible to eat with 6-8kg/con/ngay volume .
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