Cardamom forest protection

Update: 6/11/2013

Tree sloth utans ( scientific name Sterclia lyhnophora Hance ) also has many names such as orangutans , jellies , utan , orang bay, the sea eagle , an e ... This is a male tree , 20-30 m high , large body erect , branched , and the only place left in the tops .
Flowering starts in March and ripen from June to August . Each mature tree when the fruit for about 50 kg of dry beans . Currently, 1 kg dry grain prices utan approximately 200 thousand . In particular , flowering trees orangutans , left the new 4-year cycle should have left this one very precious time .
Previously, tree sloth utans area in Quang Nam has about 1,000 ha , concentrated in Nam Giang , Dong Giang and Tay Giang , Tra My and Phuoc Son . In recent years , grain prices utan lazy ( dry ) continued to increase , " utan hackers " do not hesitate to eradicate exploitation style - down trees for fruit trees make the area orang narrowed to about 100 ha .
Recognizing its value , Zuoih , Nam Giang district has established patrols , village forest protection cumulative . He Blien Money , Head protection orang lazy incremental said : " Our Village Branch has issued regulations for the conservation of orang trees . By harvest time , people are not cut down the trees , only to climb fruits . If someone cut the fines ranging from 2-5 million / tree " .
There are lazy orang harvests , most households are going gatherers , average household income of 20-30 million / season . Lam old village Joram cumulative glad to say : " Since the regulation of village given, the executive village because everyone can get the tree sloth utans left one season to another , feed their village . This is the right policy , agreed by the people ... " .
He Ploong boots , Deputy Party Secretary Zuoih said : " If you cut down the trees to pick the one who can get 1-2 million coins sold from the left , but only 1 receiver only once. If climbing fruits , but little income but regular harvesting . The protection of rural orang lazy incremental brought good results . From this model , social Zuoil Party issued a resolution on the policy tree sloth utan conservation in the whole society . "
Prior to the conservation , preservation tree sloth utans effectiveness of rural residents cumulative , people of other mountainous districts should learn to just keep forests forests while providing economic .
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