Mango invert harvest, high prices

Update: 7/11/2013

Currently, many gardeners in Dong Thap Province is the mango harvest seasons. However, this year due to erratic weather changes should have a serious impact on productivity.

Currently, the demand for mangoes in the market is very high , whereas , many traders said could not gather enough goods to large bowl by sources are becoming a rare order. So mango prices soared this year and constantly keep a record of the past year .

Estimates , compared with the same period in 2012 , up from the current price of mango 40-50 % . To meet the demand of the market in recent years , many growers have actively applied for mango processing techniques contrary case .

This approach helps growers increase their income because of higher prices of mango , Bumper avoid failure rates often occur in favorable seasons . However, contrary to handle the seasons , growers often costly for agricultural supplies , as well as low productivity , because pretty much dependent on the weather .

In many gardens , this year due to the effects of climate change should be watered despite drugs beginning of the season but has not reached flowering mango . Mr.Huynh Thanh Ba - Vice Chairman of the U.S. Cooperative mango Bones, Cao Lanh district, said: "Mango this year has had difficulty flowering, when the flowers were few rain storm" stamping "straight up cotton, deciduous fruit White land, productivity fell more than 50% compared to last year.

" Therefore, the price of mangoes currently excessively high, Hoa Loc mango prices of high quality ranges from 50-65 thousand dollars / kg, mango type 1 cycle from 18-22 thousand dollars / kg, but the back garden no mangoes for sale.

Ms. Le Thi Xuan Tinh in Tinh Thoi commune, Cao Lanh City said: "This year, 3 of my mango harvest cycle than 3 tons, sold about 35 million, excluding expenses also rate of about 8 million. Also with this area, last year I harvested over 10 tons and total sales over 100 million.

Although this year mango playing the "price fever" but the general situation is much more pitiful garden is happy and she hopes next year the weather will be more favorable and prices will be high this year, so rest assured growers production increases. "

According to My Ly - Dong Thap news

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