Summarizing the peanut breeding in summer 2013

Update: 12/11/2013

Recently, the Center for Agriculture in collaboration with Tuyen Quang Extension Station Chiem Hoa district , the CPCs Phuc Son , Minh Quang , Tan My ( Chiem Hoa district ) held a conference to review the three evaluation models produce optimistic like the summer 2013.
To help people solve the same problems , contribute to improving the efficiency and autonomy in production , the summer 2013 , with the support of project funding to support agriculture , farmers and rural (Project TNSP ) in Tuyen Quang , the extension center in collaboration with the agricultural Extension Station Chiem Hoa implementation models produced similar optimism at 3 L14 Minh Quang commune , Phuc Son , Tan America with a total area of ​​12 ha ( 04 ha each commune ) , with 160 households .
Through the process of care , follow-up , even though the weather conditions are not favorable as in the spring but generally peanut growth and development is quite good , some objects pests such as leaf insects , wilting have incurred damage but with low rates , no major influence on the growth , development and yield of groundnut .
Results for harvest in the society that lost productivity gain from 1.2 to 1.3 kg / bird , valued at 2400000-2600000 dong / sao . After deducting input costs , interest earned from 1200000-1500000 dong / sao .
Typically Mrs. Hoang Thi Nu Tum village ( commune American Mind ) 1.000m2 planted L14 peanut yield was 320 kg , sold for 20,000 VND / kg gain 6.400.000 VND household Ma Cong in Na Effortlessly Profile ( Minh Quang commune ) 1.000m2 planted obtained 350 kg , sold for 20,000 VND / kg collected 7,000,000 ...
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