Potato planting in Hai Duong province

Update: 12/11/2013

The end of October , An Vu farmers ( Kien Xuong ) busiest soil , fertilizing , planting potatoes type incision . No one tells anyone else , but everyone has a common desire to be " good weather " last harvest festival to sell at a higher price .
An Vu from Pacific City is about 10 km , with 165 hectares of winter crops are mainly cultivated potatoes , maize , vegetables , turnips soon . In that potatoes are still major winter crops .
Mr. Nguyen Quang The, Head of Co-operative case , said in 2012 commune 110 ha planted potatoes . The soil is highly sandy , light meat well-suited to growing time is only around 80 days to harvest . Due to the number 8 typhoon has made some potato fields cover death , but also because so many households season continues to grow , yields are not less than 600 kg / sao .
What he said also to the stage all the way to harvest rice traders to buy dig potatoes , or even " cash counts ," farmers are not harvesting . 1 kg of potatoes last year with the lowest price is 6.600 - 8.000d , the average is 10,000 VND , up to 13,000 peak e farmers excited too .
All 6 of the case villages have planted potatoes movement . In which the growers as much as households Nguyen Duc Thu , Trinh Tung Trinh Thuy Luong village , rural households Tran Van An, 6 samples for income grow more than 40 million.
Known cases have 3 cold storage warehouses with amount up to 80 tons of seed planted many years of experience , after farmers harvest the tubers were chosen good to send the standard cold storage . Select crop varieties is the same quality , hardy bowel Solara German gold .
Affairs also contact the center to buy seed potatoes for super- pure people . So the potato has become a major movement of winter crops without shouting , or mobilizing support like many other localities .
Enjoy the bustling wing winter potato production , the extension staff we also joy in their heart . Just the same old place , chatting with farmers , are known : Growing potatoes winter was long .
The land here is easy to make , light bulbs code , so pretty easy to sell . The commune has a land preparation , employs about 100 thousand VND / sao , like the house to be so many of the area farmers to borrow more to do farm household income , Mr. Cheng , Ms. Tan , three ... Luong village . Households with more manpower is growing , there is hope for at her home as she whispered, her improvement ...
Being soil , fertilizer liners heard and spoke , she said Tan : " Last year I planted the storms , so that 5 acres of potatoes cost less also obtained 13 million. I 'm growing out of this little bird borrow paddy crop because still allowed . " Then she pointed out the distance Stroll : " Well, I hope she has the same 60 -year-old village , every year 3 to 5 acres planted , lends even more years , the output should not worry everyone wants to do , give the very free . "
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