Star anise harvest season

Update: 12/11/2013

September , when the sun was no longer stiff and began to appear as the first rains of the time people in highland district of Lang Son into anise harvest
Harvest flowers starting in September and lasts until the end of October each year . But between August they went back clearing around the base of your home clean and clear for later picked up the flowers in fall while picking .
The person must also picking up anise early . They have gone from 2-3 km to reach his family in the forest . If you go far , they have brought a new dimension to the rice ball home .
Harvest flowers in the busy season . From early morning , the tree is in height from 20 - 40 meters , the looming figure climbing flexibility from branch to branch like a squirrel , a hand grip on the branches , and the other hand pulling the flowers and singing fill the bag back . Under the tree , the kids gurgling laugh , bent over picking flowers in which their parents do fall down . Each person a job , working and talking to air straw quiet forest capital , this becomes noisy, boisterous .
Anh Hoang Van Dung bestowed village , Khanh Commune By ( Loc Binh - Lang Son ) , who have posted more than 20 years of intensive training in climbing , said: " The fast recovery picking flowers and having the wrong anise fruit every day harvested from 70 - 100kg , with current market price of 15,000 VND / kg in fresh and VND 100,000 / kg in dry , average per day , the climb in income from 200000-300000 dong " .
However, according to Mr. Dung , climb back very hard job because of sickness , nausea caused by the smell of oil recovered . In addition, two purple feet are swollen due to climbing in trees for months . Especially in the more dangerous because the stems are brittle and break easily , if unfortunate fall , the light is broken leg , broken arm , severe mortality . / .
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