Aloe vera plant propagation by tissue culture cells

Update: 11/13/2013

Center application and transfer of technology and Vinh Phuc has successfully applied the technology of tissue culture cells to replicate aloe - a local medicinal herbs .
Over 16 treatments , the Center has found a formula that factors like high efficiency : Even in vitro shoots were 3 cm in height , the root growth rate 100 % , the average number of roots from 5.1 to 5.3 roots / shoot .
Once planted in the natural environment , their survival rate was over 81 % , after the seedling height 10.5 cm test tube , 16 g weight gain , tree growth and healthy development , with appropriate any living environment .
With older methods , such as passive splitting buds or cuttings , plants only once a year for 10-15 buds , the long cycle crops , after 3 months away from new mothers to become independent tree growth .
Each aloe plant varieties produced through tissue culture cells with the value above 800 , not much higher than the same produced by traditional methods .
Aloe vera is a plant can treat wounds , boils quickly target , antidotal medicine , laxative , and the food is nutritious , lotion , detergent pimples . Thus , the disease-free seed multiplication and uniform method of tissue culture cells to meet the demand for goods produced locally .
The successful application of tissue culture plants aloe vera also helps the pharmaceutical industry has kept our country and quickly source your genes .
Currently, the Center for Applied and transfer of technology and Vinh Phuc province is expanding scale breeding , reduce costs , provide for production needs in and outside the province .
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