Planting carrot F444 , high yield

Update: 11/13/2013

It is the sum of the figures Extension Station Bac Ninh city on the effectiveness of the model plant carrot seed F444 testing of rural farmers Tea Xuyen commune Khuc Xuyen City . Bac Ninh , Bac Ninh province .
According to the extension staff , F444 F1 hybrid carrot seed is being imported from Japan . Plants grow faster , develop healthy , dark green leaves , upright body , small neck , less disease and suitable for various types of soil , especially soil light , sandy soil .
Much potential yield ( average of 40-45 tonnes / ha , good care can collect 50-55 tons / ha ) , good quality , old pyramid shape , 18 - 22cm long , orange bold , bright red small core very attractive . Very good quality fresh food , less fiber , more people preferred to sell at a higher price .
Evaluation of the effectiveness of this new breed carrots , Vice Chairman of the Co-operative Tra Pan said that the success of the model has opened a new business direction for the cooperative production of goods with production concentrated with large agricultural high quality , provide greater economic value towards brand building , expand the market to raise the income of cooperative members .
The winter this year decided to expand cooperative area planted carrots growing to 30 form an impetus for the following year .
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