Uniquely galangal growing

Update: 11/14/2013

Referring to the tree galangal really knows because its root is an indispensable spice in many cuisines Net Vietnam , dog meat is typical ( civet ) .
Due to increasing market demand , farmers Minh Tan ( Luong Tai - Bac Ninh ) developed commercial farming galangal , bringing considerable incomes .
The days of Tet Ty quarter , though not the peak of the harvest , but the fragrant smell of galangal still adhered to the wind made ​​passing Minh Tan anyone can feel . Along the smooth concrete roads , vacant land are all about the people here take to grow galangal , even the two rice lands are converted to crop farmers galangal .
We Minh Tan on when it was nearly noon so he just met Tong Minh Turkey , communal land officials also waited . He said Turkey , galangal growing in Minh Tan starting from 1971.
That year , the village had to shield the broken water caused by sand from river overflow into villages filled all the fields that farmers can not grow any crops whatsoever. Starting from there , galangal growing in Tan Minh formed by only crops adapted to sandy soils .
Moment , Luong Tai district farmers are actively harvesting vegetables for the winter , more than 200 hectares of crops are nearly 30 hectares in the commune galangal dike . This year , his family Complete Do Dang , Nhat Trai village , Minh Tan spent the entire area to plant more than one form of galangal . There he completed harvest human focus .
Not only did he complete the family that most people here have to find the right direction in intensive crops , improve the efficiency of the economy towards manufacturing goods at the local land .
He said complete , galangal plant trees now become poverty of farmers Minh Tan . Accordingly , one reason, to harvest about 1 ton of commercial galangal / year , with prices ranging from 6000-9000 VND / kg , after deducting all costs average people earned no less than 5 million / years .
The people here share , intensive farming techniques galangal simple , just planted the first year under the pillow method every 8 months for harvest 1 and 3 years after the last time to replant .
Tending rather leisurely , just apply a little fertilizer at first and then wait until the harvest . In particular , almost no galangal plant pests should not cost effective pesticide should bring high economic , can be planted 1 hectare income from 70-90 million / season .
However, when grown galangal pay special attention to the creation of drainage system by flooding galangal will rot out . Besides , the most appropriate time for planting after Tet galangal is , it starts to rain and the soil spring needed .
Nhat Trai village , Minh Tan before people's lives extremely difficult due to floods , crop failures . But thanks to the presence of trees galangal village that prospered remarkably, the wide concrete path , airy and stretched until alleys , the social welfare projects is the construction spacious . ..
Nhat Trai village chiefs delighted to know , galangal plant is breaking monoculture crops leverage , improve incomes for farmers . There are hundreds of rural farming households rely galangal , relatively wealthy households rate more than 60 % , the number of poor households decreased to 0.6 % ( according to the old criteria ) and in the summer coming galangal plant will continue poverty is potential tree on the beach area .
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