Safe Japanese green cauliflower in Vietnam

Update: 11/14/2013

On the field of forest green long trench trend , cabbage , lettuce , cauliflower ...
An energetic green , bring hope faith . Through her ​​story with cabbage is placed in the car , she said , " In building blocks ( the town of Quy Hop ) This vegetable is a lot there, but to have higher income not to mention his vegetable garden Royal Four " .
Looking for Mr. Four is not very difficult . Cauliflower A rectangular garden , hidden under the foliage is blue stretch cauliflower buds shaped bowl . He followed my coming four open and honest talk with a farmer waters his .
But the mountain from the 60s of last century , he remains the voice of Nghi Loc , and not too public , according to Four : " Like broccoli grown on land in Japan was 3 years Quy Hop . it has advantages over the native seed cauliflower and broccoli varieties of Dutch . varieties have good resistance , strong anti- fungal pests , higher yields .
Broccoli also has a greater value , more precious than any other vegetable . Recently, western scientists have demonstrated the ability of anti-cancer broccoli . An American Journal of Nutrition also made ​​similar findings .
If you 're constantly eating broccoli for a long time , the lower the risk of diseases such as breast cancer , stomach cancer ... Because nutritional components in broccoli is very high , including protein , fat , VitaminC ... In 100 grams of broccoli contains 3.5 to 4.5 grams of protein , 4 times cabbage , tomatoes 5 times . In addition, broccoli is high in fiber content , can reduce blood sugar , reduce the risk of diabetes .
Japanese Broccoli is easy to plant , suitable for garden , park land , such as the Three Gorges of the Quy Hop , New America ( Chau Dinh ) , waterside Dinh , Nam Sun River . I hope that there are many areas clean vegetables to meet the needs of clean fresh food people serve on the Quy Hop hometown .
According to Nguyen Van Nhi -
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