Tien Giang : The gardeners eagerly preparing fruit harvests for Tet holiday

Update: 11/15/2013

By appointment back up , just in the last months of the start of the garden care , handling orchards to harvest fruit yield and quality for the Lunar New Year .
Not to mention the busiest for fruit orchards to them on trays of five fruits , the fruit belongs to the " exclusive " embellish color , beauty in the New Year with a New Year's wish abundance , affluence .
Every year, in April , Tran Van Iron lunar year , Phu Hoa Hamlet ( Long Khanh , Cai Lay ) started grapefruit green handle of his garden by hoeing the soil around the base , fertilising , watering plants the cotton variety in May , June , to harvest fruit concentrate supply Tet market .
This year too, his work had been done for more than 5 months ago . Currently, 20 of the grapefruit family he has left with the weight below 1 kg / left . In particular , this year the process is more robust due to the New Year and green grapefruit " fever " prices and then keep prices high for a long time so she is very excited and I hope this year for New Year will also continue to be price .
" Pomelo fruit year-round , but to have more output , whereas demand for certified beauty , food in Tet of people and sold at high prices, growers have to handle , care increase from previous month " - he said iron .
Not only his family but the most iron grapefruit growers in Phu Hoa Hamlet did this job several months ago . Many people here said , whether high or low , so every year , there is always abundant amount of grapefruit for sale Year . There is only partially treated household garden for sale in the New Year , a festival to sold out ; has handled all households to collect for the garden festival market . This has become a familiar way as " to back up an appointment " of grapefruit growers here and the garden is also a way to generate more income to spend during Tet .
British Thai Van Dua , Head of Cooperation blue Grapefruit Phu Hoa Hamlet ( Long Khanh , Cai Lay ) said the 40 farmers with 20 hectares of green grapefruit . To this point , all of the grapefruit orchards are treated . Currently, growers are busy to care for fruit harvesting grapefruit beautiful , and true to Tet . According to Rivals , grapefruit growers this year are eagerly preparing for Tet grapefruit grapefruit prices higher over time and is very stable . Moreover, the current high price of grapefruit . Meanwhile , the price of grapefruit and New Year " fever " and the pomelo make unfounded beliefs and expectations placed on grapefruit for Tet this year .
" Pomelo Festival last year reached a record price 40000-60000 / kg . Grapefruit prices likely to be higher this year festival . This is completely unfounded , because the price of grapefruit holds a very high momentum , on the other hand , recently there has round fruit borer grapefruit 20-30 % damage , suggesting that grapefruit production Tet this will be affected more or less " - he forecasts Racing . He estimated Racing , green grapefruit production sale of the festival this year is not less than 100 tons .
Located in the very fruits are popular for people on five fruits tray distillation in 3 traditional Tet , farmers are being colonized care and treatment for New Year , especially the colonization of worship , pineapple son . With fancy shapes , bright colors , types of clusters have " meat " of this length is not afraid of being " in touch " with the other fruits so traders are " hunting " on the occasion of Tet .
2 pineapple varieties are grown in Tan Phuoc district and Cai Be . According to serve pineapple growers , son in Tan Phuoc pineapple , pineapple sell for Tet , since August al growers began processing stone gas clumps . This type of pineapple traders demanding the shape, the color should fertilize and care for beautiful fruit and pineapple for " independent " farmers are the focus .
Festival season is upon cases of breast milk , mango ... But so have the number to the left , pretty much the end of the year for capital markets are demanding , the garden of fruit trees are also equally busy . These are important factors make the market vibrant fruit festival , rich .
Ms. Thai Thi Bong , Hamlet ( Kim Son , Chau Thanh ) of breast milk is 2 , 2 is for the po sa left . Until now, the garden of her breast milk for the left wrist , ripening ability in November , 12 lunar . There are also bearing fruit po sa , will harvest in the 11 , 12 lunar . Although every year but not as much as an estimated output po sa late harvest 2-3 tons . According to her , every year at this time every fall harvest 100 kg po , whereas now only 50-70 kg . But in return , price po sa persistently high , at rates up to 40,000 VND / kg .
" Last year , breast milk from Tet harvest and lower prices , while high rates of breast milk in the New Year , but do not have much to sell . Po sa New Year and is priced quite high . Hope breast milk price , selling po sa Tet this year no less , to recoup the loss of revenue due to declining output " - Ms. Cotton said .
Fruit Festival high demand for quality , design , requires growers to handle and care for the new elaborately beautiful fruit for Tet market . In return , growers have the opportunity to sell their products that care for months already high prices . However, in recent years , the handling and care of fruit trees for Tet services have become very popular , which led to prices for New Year becomes more difficult to predict . However, each case Festival , the garden, eager , scurrying to handle agricultural products , contributing to enrich the festival market .
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