Vietnam's agriculture sector is getting a huge chance

Update: 11/15/2013

In a newly published report recently held International Monitoring Enterprise ( BMI ) is headquartered in London , United Kingdom said Vietnam's agricultural sector is facing major Olympics with a bright outlook thanks for the positive improvement of the economy and the business environment over time .
BMI stating agriculture Vietnam has many opportunities to accelerate growth both in production - processing , exporting and retailing , particularly for some traditional products such as rice , coffee , milk , poultry ...
The process of economic growth in Vietnam in the last 10 years has seen many ups and downs due to high inflation and fluctuations in the exchange rate of the domestic currency in order to increase the competitiveness of exports .
However, in 2013 , Vietnam 's economy has created milestone when government policies promote a series aimed at price stability and tackling macroeconomic imbalances .
Government of Vietnam has shown a determination to restructure state-owned enterprises , widening economic resources to support the private sector in tax policy and infrastructure investment .
Vietnam also wants to attract more foreign investment in all economic sectors , including agriculture .
Currently foreign direct investment ( FDI ) in the agriculture sector accounts for only 1-3 % of the total FDI in Vietnam .
BMI said that although not directly affected by these policies , but Vietnam's agriculture sector will benefit if production is expanded and the business environment improves.
Not only desire to attract more FDI , Vietnam government also plans to improve the efficiency of production - agriculture business in the future .
The model program to encourage public-private partnership ( PPP ) is also strongly developed in some areas such as livestock , crops , fisheries ...
These moves have created an important premise for BMI predicted positive about the prospects of the agricultural sector in Vietnam in the next few years .
Regarding production , soil resources plus increasing productivity will help accelerate growth in the areas of rice production , livestock and poultry processing and dairy cattle .
According to BMI forecasts , the sector can achieve growth rate of over 10 % in the period from year 2012 to 2017 .
Export prospects are also promising good opportunity for Vietnam's agriculture sector . Thanks to the efforts against traditional competitors such as Thailand , Indonesia , India or Brazil , where agricultural products in Vietnam continues to affirm its position as a leader in the export of coffee and rice . However, Vietnam agricultural products will have stiff competition at the key markets .
To maintain growth , BMI said that Vietnam should continue to improve product quality and agricultural productivity . Efforts to improve the quality of the product depends on the application of new technologies - aquaculture farming to ensure food hygiene and safety in the more stringent regulations in parallel with the establishment of established brands ...
The successful implementation of these measures will help Vietnam agricultural value of exports , thereby improving competitiveness in the world market . / .
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