Vietnam Agricultural : 90 % of export products are raw and unprocessed.

Update: 11/21/2013

Many agricultural commodities Vietnam years leading exports ( exports ) on the $ 1 billion , but only 10 % of this is exported brand . Building names for agricultural products in Vietnam so far is still a difficult problem for many businesses .
Not long ago , as we learn about mushroom market in Hanoi , PV has a surprising findings is : Most of the products in the domestic production of fresh mushrooms are sold by the pack, and style ... " Derelict " , that is a rare find eyestrain labeled product packaging , in product name , manufacturer ... T
he oyster mushrooms , mushrooms , mushrooms , mushrooms ... very fresh in the supermarket , people's market are imported directly from the manufacturers and sold fresh in the day .
Only a few products have names but are the product distribution . Ask the new know , the basis of this mushroom are sold outside the province or display through the fair name must be cooperative ( cooperative ) with associated procedures . For example, a well-known mushroom growers in Soc Son , every time I wanted to promote broad product must be the name of a very long filenames Cooperative Cooperative Production and consumption of processed mushroom products Sang Thien , Quang Hoi , Soc Son , Ha Noi .
This is just a small example of the story of branding agricultural VN . In fact , many brands have been honored as Lo Ren star apple , Roi pomelo , Luc Ngan lychee , longan Hung Yen ... but only count the number of fingers. To construct names , many companies have lost long process , costly in terms of money, manpower and time .
Data from the Department of Intellectual Property ( MOST ) , in 2012 , Vietnam has 933 products to agricultural products, unique services associated with 721 locations across the country . However, the number of geographical indication protection to registered only 136 branded products . Meanwhile , a variety of agricultural products such as cassava , tea , coffee , cocoa ... crude production and acceptance ... " Import refined " team up again for several times .
Mr. Dao Anh Tuan - Director of New Generation Tea Co. ( Cozy brand ) , said: Not only tea products , many other agricultural products entering the export market will choose the path of crude for less cost , quick returns . Song for crude production in the long period that many small -scale enterprises to easily penetrate , adversely affecting quality .
The branding , which was too hard for this competition is even more miserable than when continuously meet the strict technical barriers from the importer , that tea is one of the agricultural problems are difficult to this . According to Obey , to make a brand need too many conditions in which companies have enough " force " new mass may bear no small cost .
According to the Center for Agricultural Trade Promotion - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development , to promote the brand of agricultural products in Vietnam with the world . In addition to the efforts and determination of the businesses , need more awareness of farmers' production and adequate support mechanisms from the authorities .
In particular , promote qualified human resources , intensive development of the agricultural production chain in the form of the product and the maximum applied science and technology . The link " 4 houses " by the department , is critical to gradually build brand agricultural products in Vietnam .
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