VIETGAP Vegetbale in Ha tinh province

Update: 11/22/2013

Tuong Son is the first commune in Thach Ha district ( Ha Tinh ) SX model is implemented in accordance with the vegetable commodity agricultural production well ( VietGAP ) size 2.5 ha with 20 rural households participate Neutral .
The results show that , with the growing time for cucumber production 90-100 days , the average yield was 25-30 t / ha ; courgettes 110-120 days , yield 35-40 tons / ha . According to calculations , all models reach 250 million VND / ha , excluding interest expense 150 million , more than 5 times and 3 times rice production , farmers lost very excited .
To date, the society has developed six focused models , the area of ​​standard vegetable VietGAP to 33.3 ha and time to continue planning additional 1 SX 3.3 ha area to provide fresh vegetables for the market Ha Tinh City and the surrounding areas . The farmer said, every year is 3 seasons SX includes cucumbers, courgettes , sweet melon , besides intercropping of vegetables , spinach ...
Nguyen Thi Hoa Binh in northern rural excited : Previously in this area and my family rice for income lost several million VND / year but switched to model vegetable , fruits and vegetables are much more efficient , each case interest is also 7-8 million.
"How hard because vegetables have cared but shorter growing time , higher productivity , higher incomes do a lot of rice . Time for more vegetables in the fields . This season many vegetables , ham accustomed to , not when the arm rest , "Mrs. Flowers said.
Kim Huy Duong , Vice Chairman Statue Son commune said : Thanks to the support of the same part , techniques and " know before following strange " farmers have experienced first step in the production process . Affairs also organizes regular trips for people learning models of other localities .
"Before the production of vegetable farmers selling very cheap , but since then VietGAP certified products available in supermarkets and some markets CoopMart Ha Tinh ... safe vegetable cooperatives based Yellow communal areas also support consumption should also be assured of her children , he said Huy .
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