Ben Tre rice paper is famous in European and Asia

Update: 11/22/2013

Difficult one doubts the rice paper, simple rustic chips are made from a remote village in Ben Tre travel this distance to the European sky , Asia . Do people eat the pie is to remember the sweet taste and lovely memories where the homeland ?
One Hundred Years of MY Long ricepapper
Nestled under the cool green coconut garden located across the bridge Chet Reed is the small village life through professional occupations include cake , rice paper known that people used to call the roll cage America ( now in the commune My Thanh , Giong Trom District , Ben Tre ) .
Her family , the family of Nguyen Thi Xuan Nghia Dao village in Training ( U.S. Thanh ) has employed four life coated cake . Dao Xuan said , every day , I woke up at midnight . Her first job was in the front yard , watching the moon , see how to guess to see a new day is raining or not.
If that make any meal no rain , and secretly glad she will embark on the first stage of the rice paper : mill . Because , do not touch that cake rain , cloudy sky every day , lack of sunshine , the cake will be made ​​yogurt .
After a night of eye dark circles due to rice cake , her voice quietly Spring Training : " My Long girdle cake made ​​from rice flour . Rice to the first class , especially as the same delicious shrimp White or Natural Resources . 1 kg flour mixed with 1 kg of water right coconut . 10 kg of rice will produce exactly 220 the fat cake . But " high hand set " or not is at the stage of flour and mix flour , rice paper as " hydrophobic trailers " with rain , all operations must enlist tight from midnight until morning to keep the sun gear just up the sun . "
On the other hand , to compete in the marketplace is the place to make beautiful cakes , round , regular , the public as well as this one though all the stages , operations are done by hand .
Work in households cake Xuan Dao looks simple . Regarding staffing , directing plays right , or sit on the kitchen ladle to scoop each meal , rice into cake and bread with their hands placed on the vertical alignment of the Philippines ( two vessels woven coconut leaves ) , while mothers and her husband watched the burning wood in stoves and ships carrying coconut cake drying . Where not so easy to say , such as firewood , rice cakes to hard for just olive Riu fire . Also exposed wheels , new wheels good sunlight exposure dry. But to get the cake out of the Philippines but not broken , it must continue to dry in the mist for new plastic wheels easily removed .
Dao Xuan coal " in this pricing thing is to drain the sun. In 2006, only coconut cake at 20000-22000 / dozen ( 12 left ) was taken up this year at 25000-26000 / dozen , while it accounted for 50 % coconut water in a finished cake ! " " So cake on price alone , you have no training ? " - I asked . She pouted Training : " Where ease . Currently there are about 100 U.S. Thanh oven as we roll this , if you order up prices , customers will find somewhere else to take the wheel , always dead ! However, they remain exactly the same quality as any gear should now be the focal ordering cakes do more , especially in the current festival season . "
In about 100 cake oven , large and small households in Thanh My , with an average production of 500 wheels / day / oven , the oven Industrial his two most notable because some stages of production here has been " the modernization " . With a roll of Two Industrial ovens , bread flour is milled with a mortar and electric bread " modified " milk , delicious food . However, the workers here are not more than 10 people .
Over many generations past , the U.S. rice paper cage quietly , rai future , but has so long name, and also solves the majority of jobs for local workers .
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