Plant Biotechnology : The Future of Vietnam farmers

Update: 11/25/2013

Despite these misgivings , the trend cultivation of genetically modified crops being developed strong worldwide and bring practical benefits to farmers .
Farmers battle lines between two
Agricultural damage caused by pests, natural disasters will be addressed through the application of biotechnology . Rape is grown herbicide resistance in New South Wales , Victoria and Western Australia , just in a short time has been planted 688.000ha . Just shoot borer resistant eggplant and potato late blight resistance is growing in India , Bangladesh , Philippines , Indonesia . In particular , the new plant varieties without fertilizer will be created in the future . Beneficial rhizobia bacteria living symbiotically with legumes helped produce the protein , but most other plants do not get out and " associated " with this bacterium . But now scientists have created the corn , tomatoes , potatoes and a variety of crops activation mechanisms interact with rhizobia bacteria . With biotechnology , we create crop nutrient use efficiency , increased salt tolerance , cold tolerance , drought .
Prof. Antonius Suwanto , Bogor Agricultural University ( Indonesia ) said that Indonesia in particular and Southeast Asia in general is emerging "war " communication between the pro and cons of genetically modified crops ( GMO ) . Each year , the organization of organic agriculture in Europe and the vegetarian group called money poured into Indonesia than $ 500 million for the non-governmental organization project calls for not commercializing GMO crops . Their programs focus on the campaign " causing loud " as demonstrators and " alarming " by the photos, videos and do not rely on false documents or scientific evidence in particular . " I know , in Vietnam , organic agriculture organizations and institutions all GMO crops chains spend about $ 200 million / year to sign contracts with partners such as the Association protects consumers , Hoa Fund average ... to protest GMO crops , "he said Suwanto .
Proponents of GMO crops is not less competitive , they are directed to farmers to propagate . Recently, thousands of farmers in Indonesia protested to the Government request for maize , transgenic potato . Indonesian Farmers Association urged the government to strengthen the application of biotechnology in agriculture to increase productivity . " Our view is , GMO crops must be inspected to ensure they are as safe as conventional crops and the nutrient content and similar components . Up to 70% of food consumed foods in the world now contain GMO ingredients from plants . We often eat GMO potatoes from KFC , Mc Donald , GMO soybeans in tofu , soy milk , but not really understand all of the crop " , GS.Suwanto expressed .
GS . Frank Shotkoski , director of project support agricultural biotechnology in the Philippines , said more than 3,200 well-known scientists worldwide have signed a statement confirming safety of GMO crops on humans , animals and the environment . The European Commission has released a summary of 50 research projects on food safety of GMO crops , concluded that there is no scientific evidence about food safety risk for GMO foods . To date , at least 57 countries have enacted approved agricultural use GM ) food and feed .
According to GS . Shotkoski , concerns about the impact on the health of consumers is just an excuse . Europe strongly opposed to GMOs , the main cause is due to Europe's biotech so far behind that . Both the new world only the United States has successfully produced GMO seeds . Due to concerns about proprietary trading of U.S. GMO seeds to European countries before elective create GMO varieties have strongly opposed the commercialization of GMO products . Organic Agriculture Organization of the capital took traditional farming methods that do not use fertilizers and pesticides , so they 're a monopoly on organic agricultural products with high price . Numerous farmers in the Southeast Asian countries are participating in the system of the organization . If GMO crops with typical development without the use of pesticides , fertilizer reduction , lower cost , will quickly dominate the market of organic agriculture , so they decided to work on a strategy to prevent block competitors .
Need for appropriate policy
Frank Shotkoski said , Europe is trying to invest in GMO technology , so far most of the GMO maize in France are growing in popularity because they themselves created . GMO technology gap of France than the United States has been shortened , so the conditions for recognition of GMO products is gradually easing . Within a decade , the European GMO technology capable of competing with the United States , the world will witness a " turning point" of Europe, they will simultaneously announce the safety of GMO foods and tried to cheer for this crop .
Mrs. Rosalie Ellasus , a farmer from the Philippines , said she and millions of farmers in the Philippines have to change your life by GMO corn . Previously, scientists say that this country has made the domestic corn hybrids to yield 10-12 tons / ha , but it was only yield experiments with optimal growing conditions , when farmers people put dragons never pass 4 tons / ha by destructive pests . GMO maize insect resistance genes , do not care for the actual performance in the field is always over 8 tonnes / ha . Thanks to increased productivity 40 % , did not even take money for pesticides , not plowed before sowing maize income is twice as high than in the past . GMO corn grain harvest is easier to sell than conventional maize by minimizing the appearance of toxic chemicals caused by bacteria such as Aflatoxin ... The GMO rice is also popular in the Philippines . Only 10 years after commercialization of GMO crops , from one country to import 2-3 million tonnes per year , this is gradually Philippines self-sufficient in rice , estimated 5 years will no longer have to import rice and will admit corn for export .
Dr. . Suwanto Antony said: " I know that Vietnam and Indonesia as well as most other Southeast Asian countries are eager to work for the commercialization of GMO maize . We encourage you to take steps cautiously , should have appropriate strategies . To avoid being dependent on foreign countries , Indonesia has a pretty good policy for the promulgation of legal documents , all want to commercialize GMO varieties are now committed to the same tree that will be produced in Indonesia . Vietnam should refer to the book of Indonesia , should not open too wide as the Philippines " .
Source: - Anh Tho
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