Branding : Solution to increase the value of agricultural exports

Update: 11/25/2013

ST20 fragrant rice , dragon Tam Vu , Chu Se pepper is the brand agricultural export value increased by building the brand at home and abroad .
From this fact shows the agricultural export sector should move quickly to protect and strategic branding .
The value of the brand
While Vietnam rice at the bottom of the rankings in export prices on the world market since early this year , there are a fragrant rice brand keeps on increasing export turnover value and ST20 rice is grown in Nga Nam District , Soc Trang province .
ST20 rice grains in products , length of 8 mm , cooked rice and plastic , neatly arranged , with a sweet taste and aroma . These characteristics make a difference and increase value for ST20 rice , positioning high-end market and abroad .
Mr. Pham Thai Binh - Director of Central Security Co. , a unit of 5 DARD Soc empowered to use the certification mark "brand ST20 fragrant rice " Rice said existing ST20 FOB export price is 900 USD / ton ( while 25% broken rice export prices by the Vietnam Food Association announced only 375 USD / MT / FOB ) .
In the domestic market , ST20 quality fragrant rice preferred by consumers , classified as specialty fragrant rice , 18,000 retail Soc / kg , in Can Tho VND 20,000 / kg and sold at 22,000 dong Hanoi / kg .
" Many foreign buyers are favored ST20 rice , but production can only meet a small part needs . So China An estimated 2013-2014 crop will increase production to 5,000 tons purchased and is proposing MARD create favorable conditions for the expansion of the ST20 rice production to export source " Pham Thai Binh said .
Dragon fruit in Tam Vu ( Chau Thanh district , Long An province ) has long been known to have many beautiful red , sweet , but not officially recognized by customers . To address that , Cooperative dragon Tam Vu suggested in guiding , supporting branding " dragon Tam Vu " . By mid-2011 , the Department of Intellectual Property ( MOST ) has issued this certificate .
Since then , the export volume of private dragon cooperative Tam Vu increased from 2,000 to 6,000 tons (expected in 2013 ) , and more stable prices . It is important , before you brand , Tam Vu dragon only indirectly through the export of Chinese merchants , to now be able to export to Thailand . Recently, customers from Germany also had to put this cooperative partnership consumption .
Besides rice and dragon ST Tam Vu , the Chu Se pepper ( Gia Lai province ) as well as agricultural products are generating high added value through brand building , the certificate of registration of a collective mark Exclusive " Chu Se pepper " . According to Chu Se Pepper Association , pepper advantages of size here is large , aromatic and spicy taste typical products are grown under GAP standard guarantees Ecoly no bacteria , no aflatoxin , nitrate , do not use plant protection products ... consistent with the demanding markets such as Europe , America . Estimates season 2012 - 2013 , Chu Se pepper production reached 7,500 tonnes , worth nearly 1,000 billion.
Protection and branding
According to a survey by the Intellectual Property Department published in the media in 2012, Vietnam has 933 agricultural products distributed over 721 places of the country , of which over 800 popular products . However , the number of products registered geographical indications and protected very low percentage , with about 139 brands .
Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has asked relevant agencies to coordinate with the provinces to review the agricultural products were branding , geographical indications , and planning aspects agricultural products has the potential to be trademarked . This can cause the status of some agricultural products were characterized Vietnam foreign companies " steal " coffee brand Buon Ma Thuot was a Chinese enterprises registered for protection within 10 years , or candy Ben Tre coconut , green bean cake , Hai Duong , Phu Quoc fish sauce ...
Experience from Chu Se Pepper Association suggests to build successful brands of agricultural products should first conduct surveys , reviews, finding some main characteristics of the production capacity , the production of raw data , characterized commodities , dominant or superior to the same type of product or other areas not to base decisions on branding . There is general engineering process for growers and producers as a group performed households with agreed procedures , GAP standards . Additionally , companies must be purchased and processed to provide products to consumers , export and labeling of the product brand .
Dr. Vu Trong Khai - former Rector of Personnel Management for Agriculture and Rural Development 2 that three basic solutions to build sustainable agricultural brand that businesses must take the initiative to organize production under contracts with farmers population . The second is the formation of family farms producing agricultural products scale to meet the requirements of enterprises processing raw material , in the framework of the organization of production under contract . Solution 3 is needed organization established to represent the farm as cooperative or association to bridge the gap between processing companies and members .... At the same time the State should have a legal framework for the solution to be implemented on smoothly.
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