Rubber seeds

The seed has a single, narrow, 2-inch wing. Clusters of them appear along the rubber tree's twigs. Seeds are 1/4-inch long, oval and tapering at one end, a bit like a maple seed.
Rubber seeds can be processed into oil and cake by pressing or ether extraction. The seed yields about 44% oil, 50% cake and 6% other wastes.
Also, seeds when boiled and drained are eaten by Indians in the Amazon Valley of South America
Despite its potential as a protein feed for animals, fresh rubber seeds contain a toxic factor, cyanogenetic glucocide. 

Style: dried seeds
Diameter  : 18 - 20 mm
Moisture  : 4 - 10%
Foreign matter : 2%
Packing : 50kg/bag, 100kg/ PP bag
    or as buyer's request


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