“Our commitment is to take responsibility in every circumstance.”


Hang Xanh responsibilities


Customer responsibility

Make product quality and safety a top priority.
Listen and give sincere feedback from customers to continuously improve products and services.
Build long-term relationships by responding promptly and accurately to all customer requests.


Social responsibility

Committed to Fairtrade principles, we control the use of youth and bonded labor, supporting gender equality.
Promote fair payments and ensure benefits for farmers and local communities.
Support partners in difficult circumstances, create opportunities for them, and build win-win solutions.


Environmental responsibility

Aim to continuously minimize the impact of production on the environment.

Invest in advanced technology and environmentally friendly production processes.

Take advantage of renewable energy sources and reduce waste.


Employee responsibility

Create a safe working environment that supports personal and professional development.

Committed to fair policies, ensuring benefits and rights for all employees.

Encourage diversity and consensus within the organizational culture.