In the increasingly popular trend of vegetarian cuisine, vegetable noodles have emerged as a “shining star”, bringing frugal, nutritious, and attractive dishes to vegetarian menus. So, what makes vegetable noodles special in the world of vegetarian cuisine?

Vegetable noodles


What is vegetable noodles?

Vegetable noodles are a type of noodles made from grains combined with vegetables. Typically, grains can be barley, brown rice, pistachios, or other grains, while vegetables can include carrots, cabbage, spinach, Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant: pickles, celery, and many other vegetables. Vegetable noodles bring diverse and rich flavors and provide many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from vegetables, making meals more nutritious. This is a popular choice in vegetarian diets and is part of health cuisine.

Health blends in each noodle:

Vegetable noodles are made from whole wheat flour combined with pure fresh vegetables and fruits, not only providing delicious flavor but also providing abundant vitamins, minerals and fiber for the body.

Vitamins and minerals from vegetable noodles:

Helps strengthen the immune system, supports digestion, is good for the heart and prevents chronic diseases.


Helps control weight effectively, creates a feeling of fullness for a long time and is good for the digestive system

Diverse delicious dishes – Vegetarian meals are richer:

Vegetable noodles are not only a single ingredient but also the “key” for you to create countless unique vegetarian dishes:
  • Vegetarian stir-fried noodles: Combine vegetable noodles with vegetables, mushrooms, tofu,… stir-fried with rich vegetarian sauce, creating a harmonious, delicate flavor.
  • Vegetarian soup noodles: Cook noodles with cool vegetable broth, add vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed,… to have a frugal, nutritious vegetarian soup.
  • Vegetarian salad noodles: Mix vegetable noodles with vegetables, fruits, seaweed,… and sweet and sour vegetarian sauce, creating a fresh, delicious, nutritious vegetarian salad.
  • Vegetarian noodle rolls: Roll vegetable noodles with vegetarian fillings such as stir-fried vegetables, braised tofu, stir-fried mushrooms,… dipped in vegetarian soy sauce or vegetarian chili sauce, bringing a new vegetarian culinary experience.

Outstanding advantages for vegetarian menus

Easy to prepare: Vegetable noodles can be easily processed into many delicious vegetarian dishes, suitable for even beginners to vegetarian cooking.
  • Save time: Vegetable noodles help you save cooking time, providing quick and nutritious vegetarian meals.
  • Suitable for all tastes: Vegetable noodles come in many types with diverse colors and flavors, meeting all preferences and tastes of vegetarian diners.
Health gift for all ages:
Vegetable noodles are suitable for all ages, from children, adults to the elderly, especially good for dieters, vegetarians and people practicing sports.
– Make vegetable noodles your companion on your vegetarian culinary journey and enjoy meals that are frugal, nutritious and full of sophistication!

* Notes when using vegetable noodles in vegetarian cuisine:

– Choose vegetable noodles with clear origins, ensuring food safety and hygiene.
– Combine vegetable noodles with a variety of other vegetarian foods for a nutritious meal.
– Season with suitable vegetarian seasoning to make the dish more flavorful and attractive.

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