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  • The effects of coconut oil and the proper use of coconut oil
    Every year, when the weather starts to fall, women urge to buy virgin coconut oil for skin care and hair care. These are also two very effective uses that many women favor. In addition to beauty, body care, coconut oil also has many other great uses that make women surprised. This article we would like to summarize the effects of coconut oil as well as how to use virgin coconut oil most effectively, please refer!
  • The effect of lemons and seedless lemon origin
    According to research by the Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, 100 grams of lemon meat contains the following ingredients: 90% water, 0.8gr protein, 0.5gr fat, 8.2g carbohydrate, 0.6gr fiber, Ash 5.4gr, calcium 33mg, phosphor15mg, iron 0.5mg, sodium 3mg, potassium 137mg, vitamin A 12mg, thiamin (B1) 0.5mg, riboflavin (B2) 0.02mg, niacin 0.1mg and vitamin C 52mg.
  • Coconut shell charcoal and things to know
    You know not every part of the coconut can be used, coconut water is used in refreshments, copra is used to prepare coconut oil or to make coconut jam, and coconut shell - what seems to be useless waste need to be turned into an extremely useful source of raw material in the production of coconut shell charcoal - a natural coal that has extremely good heat generation and does not contain toxic gas components to human health. people.
  • Drinking bitter melon water effect?
    Make bitter melon: bitter melon bought on you cut into circles, washed and dried (can expose in the sun, can use the dryer if the weather is cloudy). Bitter melon, dried, you get into aromatic star in a large pan (or star on the corrugated star). When bitter melon turns yellow, turn off the heat, wait for it to cool, then store it in a sealed glass container for gradual use.
  • Great effect of coconut milk on health and beauty
    Coconut milk is rich in minerals like copper, iron, selenium, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, as well as vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6. It also contains significant amounts of lauric acid, a compound that can be found in breast milk. With so many nutrients, coconut milk has any effect? Check out the following article.
  • Coco peat
    Coco peat
    Coco peat (cocopeat), also known as coir pith, coir fibre pith, coir dust, or simply coir, is made from coconut husks, which are byproducts of other industries that use coconuts.
  • Uses of Coconut
    Uses of Coconut
    A Compleate Guide to Coconut Shell Powder Uses
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