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    Gai is also known as Gai making cake, store ma ... Tree is grown everywhere to get fiber, or get leaves. The leaves are used to make delicious gai cake, previously used as gauze and also weave as fishing net.
  • The use of pineapple leaves and things to take great care when using
    Pineapple leaves are often known as spices that enhance the flavor of the dish. However, not only stop there, the benefits of pineapple leaves are not fully exploited, especially for our health. Here are some of the benefits of pineapple leaves that we can exploit.
  •  Introduction of Cassava Starch Applications
    Cassava is used in many kinds of products such as food, sweets, sweeteners, glues, plywood, textiles, paper, biodegradable products, monosodium glutamate, and drugs. Cassava chips and pellets are used in livestock feed and alcohol production.
    Fruit juices, crushed wine is being advertised by the manufacturers as a nutritious and curing, and should be taken daily. Is it true or not?
  • Businesses optimistic about Vietnam’s economic outlook
    Businesses are optimistic about Vietnam’s economic outlook over the next 12 months, a recent survey by Grant Thorton Vietnam reveals.
  • Vietnam to boost economic ties with Italy
    (VOV) – Vietnam will open economic offices in Lombardy and Puglia, Southern Italy, in 2014 to introduce its potential for investment cooperation.
  • World food prices are stabilized due to supply increase
    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( FAO ) on 7/11 announced after a variable time , world food prices are now stabilizing and transmits the positive signal . According to FAO , this result is due to an increase in the supply of food on the world market are generally associated with significant recovery of incentive grain market in particular. Commercial Director of FAO and the market , said David Hallam said in recent months , prices of most essential food commodities fell , derived from increased production and food supply assessment actually abundant activities and trade and boost the stock market rally . FAO said world cereal production increase this year is due to the wheat and corn crops in the United States and Russia bumper . Therefore , prices will remain stable for a reasonable rate . Food price index in October last rose 205.8 points , up slightly from 2.7 the previous month . Also, according to the organization , world sugar production will increase slightly this year and next year , mainly in Brazil - the country \'s largest sugar producer in the world, while sugar consumption is forecast to increase about 2 % . Earlier, in a report on world food outlook periodical published twice a year in June last , FAO forecasts the market essential food commodities will be more balanced in the 2013-2014 season . After a difficult period in the 2012-2013 season , typically cereal supply and reduce prices , good prospects for production and reserves in the world could help stabilize the market and easing prices in the new season . / . Source: http://www.tintucnongnghiep.com
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