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  • Benefit of gold from grapefruit is unknown
    When grapefruit is eaten, grapefruit seed is often discarded, but few know that grapefruit contains pectin to cure many diseases.
  • 9 amazing benefits from dragon fruits
    Dragon fruit is a fruit that is full of nutrients such as vitamin C, B1, B2 and B ... so good for health.
    Details: Dry squid or dried squid is a typical dish of Vietnamese cuisine made from squid materials by drying or sun drying. After catching the fresh squid, the squirrel will cut the squid to flush out, remove all organs, cuttlefish ... leaving only the body and head and then drying or sun drying until When the squid becomes dry and hard. Dried squid may be in whole or split into small pieces. Dried squid is particularly popular, kept long, processed into many delicious dishes and specialties in some areas, especially the sea and tourists brought back as a gift, especially a sunny one ( ). Dried squid is suitable for occasional beers, especially dried squid and used with beer.
  • Use of guava when you eat the right way
    The fruit is not only delicious but also has many effective healing and beauty effects that many people do not know.
  • 8 surprise things about durian not everyone knows
    Durian is a special fruit and the king of fruits. Because durian is the fruit used to lure the king, the smell of durian is actually the smell of the feet after GYM ... That is the \"hard\" truth about the durian.
  • The miracle effect of boiled jackfruit
    Boiled jackfruit is a cheap snack in the countryside. Bui Bui, lightweight characteristics of the countryside gift has passed through many generations of Vietnamese children. In the past, just to eat boiled jackfruit is happy because it helps \"make sure the belly\" when hungry. But today, the other, get a handful of boiled jackfruit every day, the body can be assured of good health ...
  • The effects of fresh lemon beauty skin should not be overlooked
    Instead of using expensive cosmetics, you can use fresh lemons as a natural way to help your skin naturally. Here are the effects of fresh lemon beauty you should not skip. Let me discover.
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