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  • Exports of agricultural and forestry - fishery in May reached 12.12 billion U.S. dollars
    According to the latest information from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development , exports of agricultural , forestry and fishery -month 5/2014 is estimated at 2,278 billion, bringing the sector\'s export value in the first month of the year to 12.12 billion U.S. dollars ; increase of 10.4 % over the same period in 2013.
  • Vietnam, Netherlands boost cooperation in fruit and vegetables
    The private sector will take initiative in the cooperation forum focusing on training, processing and technology for sustainable development and climate change adaptation. . . .
  • Exports of agricultural, forestry and fishery got acceleraed
    Total exports of agricultural , forestry and fisheries of Vietnam I/2014 quarter increased to 9.4 % ( at about $ 6.9 billion ) compared with the same period in 2013.
  • The difference of Vietnam anchovies
    In the middle of July is the season of anchovy fishery in the central provinces of Vietnam, from Quang Ngai province to Binh Thuan province.
  •  Star anise
    Star anise
    Star anise, also called aniseed, comes by its name honestly, with its star shape and a licorice taste similar to regular anise, only stronger. Originating in China, the Vietnamese use star anise ground or whole in sweet desserts as well as in main dishes and soups.
  • Aloe vera
    Aloe vera
    Aloe vera gel is used as an ingredient in commercially available lotions, yogurt, beverages, and some desserts, although at certain doses, it has toxic properties when used either for ingested or topical applications.
  •  Bringing Vietnamese goods to the European market
    The Vietnamese Exports Broker and Transshipment Center in the Czech Republic will provide opportunities for Vietnamese exporters to penetrate more deeply into the European market. . . . . .
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