Coconut flakes
Meat from mature coconuts is white, much harder and has a slightly sweet and nutty taste. As the coconut matures, the quantity of oil in the meat increases too.
Mature meat has high levels of fiber and oil which help it function like a probiotic. Probiotics are very beneficial for the digestive system because they feed the good bacteria in the intestines.
Mature meat keeps longer than younger meat but is still perishable. It must be stored in the refrigerator or freezer to maintain freshness.

Colour  : white, natural
Moisture : 3% max
Oil content : 63% min
Samonella & E.coli : negative
FFA :  0.3%max
Packing : 25Kg/ 50kg bag
   1x40' FCL = 26Mts
 1x20FCL = 12Mts


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