36 Health Benefits of Star Apple (No.2 is Unbelievable)

Update: 6/15/2018

After knowing the varieties and nutritional values of this fruits, then now let’s take a look to the health benefits of star apple that you have never heard before

As Rich of Fiber

Star apple is rich of fiber and eating one regular size of star apple is able to contribute about 3 g from the normal daily intake of fiber which range is 25 – 38 g.

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1. Friendly Food for Weight Loss
2. Protection from Diabetes
3. Good for Digestive System
4. Normalize the Bowel Movement
5. Effective for Constipation
6. Additional Protection Against Colon Cancer
7. Relatively Low in Calories

As Rich of Vitamins and Minerals

Minerals are important and star apple contains calcium and iron in proper amount as well as Vitamin C. Thus, star apple has the source of vitamins and minerals that are useful for our body to maintain overall health.

As Rich of Antioxidant8. Good for Bone Health
9. Strength Teeth
10. Reduce Cramping during PMS
11. Prevent Abdominal Bloating in Women
12. Oxygenate Your Body
13. Responsible of Collagen Production
14. Accelerate Wound Healing
15. Protect the Heart
16. Natural Immunity Booster
17. Enhance Vision
18. Decrease Blood Sugar
19. Prevent Anemia
20. Reduce the Symptoms of Iron Deficiency
21. Reduce the Risk of Stroke
22. Natural Treatment for Cough

To fight free radicals which becoming harder to avoid, you have to make sure that your body got enough antioxidant and as rich of vitamin C and vitamin A, surely star apple is what you need to provide the antioxidant from natural source.

23. Neutralize the Harmful Effect of Free Radicals
24. Prevent the Development of Cancerous Cells
25. Act as Anti-Aging
26. Contains Powerful Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Properties
27. Effective in Fighting Infection
28. Reduce Inflammation
29. Hypertension Treatment
30. The Additional Benefits of the Star Apple Leaf, Seeds and Skin
31. Treat Dysentery Effectively
32. Natural Treatment for Diarrhea
33. Treat Malaria
34. Have Been Used Traditionally to Treat Yellow Fever
35. Home Remedy Treatment for Stomach Pain
36. Effective for Skin Rash

As a result, that’s all the health benefits of star apple that now you know.

Cautions of Star Apple

Many researches are required to study about star apple, most of the benefits were obtained due to centuries of traditional usage of star apple as medical properties. Some cautions below are the possibility that may occur if consuming star apple.

1. Food Allergic

If you’re consuming star apple for the first time, you should be aware of the possibility of allergic reaction especially if you have history with allergic to certain fruits.

2. Toxic

The seeds and leaves are containing some beneficial properties that widely used traditionally as solution of home remedies but you have to make sure to consume it in proper amount because both seeds and leaves of star apple contains toxin that could be harmful or even deadly if they were consumed in high dosage.

3. Medical Purpose Required Doctor’s Approval

Though star apple has some properties that beneficial for human health but if you’re in certain health condition with specific medicines to consume regularly, adding star apple as part of traditional medicine should based on your doctor’s approval.

One more thing that unique about star apple is the name. The name of star apple is probably strange in some countries since it seems each country has its own name to call the fruit from Caimito, Golden Leaf Tree, Star Plum, Milk Fruit, Cainito, Kenitu and many more. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why this fruit is not really popular because of too many names to call for only one type of fruit.

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