Drinking bitter melon water effect?

Update: 9/25/2019

Topic: What is the effect of drinking bitter melon juice?


Bitter melon is a food that is not only delicious, but also has many health benefits. In addition to cooking soup, fried or boiled, you can also reduce dry bitter melon into tea. The following article will share to you on the topic: What is the effect of  drinking bitter melon juice? Hopefully, it will bring Vietnamese people more ways to care for and protect their health and safety.

Before learning how to brake tea, you can refer to the benefits from drinking bitter melon tea in the following part 1:

9 great benefits from drinking bitter melon juice:

1. Bitter melon supports diabetes treatment:


For people with diabetes, bitter melon, especially forest bitter melon is considered as a "panacea" to support hypoglycemia very well. It is not difficult to see in the functional foods to treat diabetes, bitter melon always on the list of main ingredients. Eating bitter melon or drinking bitter melon tea in the right dosage, patients can be assured of their blood sugar levels.

How to brake bitter melon juice dried:



  • Bitter melon (Bitter melon will be better)
  • Sweet grass or licorice (you can buy it from traditional Chinese medicine stores)

How to stop bitter melon juice:


Make bitter melon: bitter melon bought on you cut into circles, washed and dried (can expose in the sun, can use the dryer if the weather is cloudy). Bitter melon, dried, you get into aromatic star in a large pan (or star on the corrugated star). When bitter melon turns yellow, turn off the heat, wait for it to cool, then store it in a sealed glass container for gradual use.

How to brake dry bitter melon water: Put a pinch of bitter melon has yellow stars in the kettle, bring to a boil. Boiled water with licorice or stevia, but only a little because these are all herbs. Let the water boil for a while, then turn off the heat and pour out a glass like normal tea.

Sweet grass / licorice works to create a natural sweetness, reduce the bitterness of the tea but does not affect blood sugar. People with diabetes can use sweet grass / licorice instead of sugar.

With dried bitter melon tea, you can drink while still warm, or refrigerated and cool down. Each bottle of tea should only be consumed for 1 day, the next day you should brake the new kettle. Note bitter melon tea works as a drug, should not be abused but must be taken in doses, 1-2 cups a day is most reasonable.


2. Drinking bitter melon helps to beautify the skin:


Bitter melon juice contains substances that promote the body to heal wounds, and regenerate skin quickly. Regularly drinking tea made from this food, you will maintain youthful smooth skin, full of vitality, not acne and freckles "bother".

3. Drinking bitter melon juice helps promote digestion:


People with stomach-intestinal diseases such as haemorrhoids, constipation, etc., can drink dried bitter melon tea for treatment. Although the use of bitter melon can have an adverse effect on the stomach, if taken in doses, the drink will have many effects on the digestive tract, stimulating appetite.


7. Prevention and support of cancer treatment:


According to scientific studies around the world, bitter melon contains protein and vitamin C, which enhances the body's immune system. These cells will contribute to the destruction of cancer cells. Not only that, bitter melon also contains a very special protein, which helps effectively treat white blood disease and pancreatic tumors.

8. Anti-radiation:


Every day drink 1 cup of bitter melon tea with boiling water, can help you protect against radiation - A dangerous light is in the sun. Office people should pay attention to the addition of bitter melon tea to maintain the best health.

9. Bitter melon juice dried to help detoxify heat:


With a rich content of vitamin C, bitter melon tea can help the body - the mind of the drinker to become more relaxed and comfortable. This is a special type of tea, which helps to detoxify the body, protect the liver and spleen, very good to use as a beverage to drink the body. On hot days, drinking a cup of bitter melon tea is a great option.

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