Coconut water export, the potential is not small

Update: 4/12/2019
At a recent meeting withlleaders of MARD on building and promoting the brand name of agricultural products in Vietnam, Huynh Thi Kim Quyen, executive director of GAL, said that The demand for fresh coconut water is growing in many markets such as USA, Korea, Canada, Australia ...
Especially, in the US market, fresh coconut juice is one of the items that attract a large number of consumers. Currently, two main sources of fresh coconut juice for the US market are Thailand and the Philippines. However, due to strong demand in the US, supply from these two countries did not meet the demand of US companies. Therefore, many US companies are actively seeking fresh coconut water supply from other countries, including Vietnam.
To export fresh coconut juice to the above markets, there are two ways to get fresh coconut juice in cans, boxes or coconut shell export. At present, in Vietnam, some enterprises have invested in fresh coconut juice. This is the basis to be able to promote the export of fresh coconut water of our country, especially coconut water in Ben Tre.
Recently, a company in Ben Tre, Betrimex company has tested fresh coconut juice export to some markets such as EU, Japan, Korea, Australia, China ..., and had positive feedback from customers. .
On that basis, Betrimex is promoting the export of canned coconut milk to important markets with high demands such as the United States, Canada ... Betrimex has also invested a factory producing fresh coconut juice canned worth $ 20 million , with a capacity of 37 million liters / year, of which 60-65% is expected to be exported.
Although the new export test but the quality of fresh coconut water canned Vietnam has been evaluated by foreign customers. With the world's 8th coconut production, Vietnam is fully able to meet the demand of fresh coconut juice with large volume of many markets.
However, Vietnamese companies need more variety in canning to meet the different needs of many customers.
Huynh Thi Kim Quyen said that many importers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Korea, Singapore ... demand fresh canned coconut with a size of 1 liter. The reason they have such demand is that many cafes and refreshments in these countries have great demand for fresh coconut juice to make a variety of soft drinks or to sell large cups of coconut milk. Therefore, they need large bottles of freshly squeezed coconut juice (1 liter or more like large Coca Cola bottles) to use as well as reduce costs. But Vietnamese companies now only make fresh coconut canned 330 ml.
Ms. Quyen affirmed that if Vietnamese companies can make fresh coconut juice of 1 liter, there will definitely be opportunities to penetrate these markets. Some importers have said that if any of the companies meet the above requirements, they will order immediately a container and then will buy in bulk.
According to Ms. Quyen, many American companies have demand for raw coconut fruit (only peeled outside) to sell to consumers directly. But there is a requirement that the coconut must be stored for 3 months (not color, not reduce the quality of water inside) because the transport time is 1 month, the time in the supermarket shelves must be 2 months to guaranteed to be. This requirement is not easy to meet, especially in how to obtain preservatives that meet these preservation requirements without affecting the health of consumers in accordance with US Government regulations.
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