The way to drink cassava powder to white skin waist

Update: 6/1/2020
Many people believe that tapioca powder is starchy so can not lose weight. But the calories in cassava tapioca are negligible if you do not drink more than 2 cups a day. You can also lose weight with tapioca powder if it is combined with other foods properly.
Cassava flour and lemon juice
Mix the cassava flour with cold boiling water and add a tablespoon of lemon juice to drink every day.
This drink is both a weight loss and can add energy to the body, reducing stress and recovering energy consumption.
Cassava flour and condensed milk
Cassava flour is rich in protein, lexithin, which acts to increase the production of female hormones - estrogen, help round a flattened, sloppy become full, round fast.
In addition, the amount of fiber in cassava flour combined with condensed milk, whitening effect, prevent aging, burn excess fat in the abdomen, thighs, biceps effect.
Add tapioca flour to the beaker, stirring with a little water. Continue to add condensed milk with 200ml of hot water, using a spoonful of the mixture for about 2 minutes, helping the ingredients blend together.
Persistence applied regularly every morning, pay attention to use when the belly is still hungry, after 20-30 minutes to supplement the food source.
Cooked cassava powder
Every day drinking a cup of hot cassava powder mixed with a little sugar also makes you lose weight effectively.
Add 2 tablespoons of cassava flour mixed with about 250ml of boiled water and mix well and add 200ml of boiling water, stirring until the mixture is viscous.
Moreover, cassava flour also has the following beauty benefits:
Treatment of freckles
The active ingredient in isoflavones in cassava is good for freckles. It can prevent isoflavone excretion too much pigment melanin, reduce hyperpigmentation, freckles.
In addition, isoflavones are antioxidants, which slow down the aging process in the body. Every day drink a cup of tapioca powder to take advantage of this effect nhé.
It may seem weird, but the cassava flour can be scrubbed very clean and can smooth the skin white rose.
Simply put, simply mix 1 teaspoon cassava with tomato juice, apply the mixture to the skin, massage gently until the mixture is again, then wash your face with warm water.
Cassava and chicken eggs are the food familiar to every family, in addition to the processing of nutritious foods, they also have the effect of beautifully effective.
You can mix chicken egg yolk and cassava flour into strips and use a spoon to beat to get a mixture of paste.
Rinse your face with warm water, if you have time, steam with a hot pot of water, add a little salt to the pores and dilate the dirt and sebum that is deep under the hair follicles.
Apply the fingertips massage gently on the skin clockwise from 1 to 3 minutes to help the nutrients in the mask penetrate the skin cells.
When the mask is dry on the skin, then peeled off and then rinse the surface with warm water, then cold water so that the pores are completely sealed.
Increase the size of a ring
The composition of cassava flour is rich in protein and lexithin, which stimulates the production of estrogen, the hormone of women, thus helping women's mountain round full and toned.
Therefore, women in ancient times like to drink cassava tapes and help regulate the body after the moon phase stimulated a natural growth, helping the chest mold more.
According to Moc My / Reatimes
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