Use of guava when you eat the right way

Update: 2/21/2020
It contains a "repository" that nature has generously donated. Low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, but high in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, potassium and manganese ... Guava regularly and properly enhance the system. immune system, beauty, weight loss and some other therapeutic effects.
Here are the tips you need to take advantage of the abundant nutrients found in guava:
Improve immune system
The amount of vitamin C in the guava is four times higher than the vitamin C in the orange. Vitamin C improves the immune system, helps keep the body healthy, avoids the germs that cause infections such as cough, cold, flu, and "clean" the respiratory system, Prevent viral infections.
Beauty skin, anti-aging
According to nutritionists, when eating guava, eat the whole shell, after being thoroughly clean, because vitamin C in guava concentrated mainly in the shell.
Ascorbic acid also helps in the production of collagen, the active ingredient that helps strengthen the joints and cartilage, is beneficial for the structure of the skin, helping to maintain the collagen in the skin, keeping the skin is always good. regulations.
Vitamin C in guava has the effect of healing the skin, due to its antioxidant properties, enhance the resistance, protect the skin and the body from external factors.
Improved endocrine functions
The amount of copper in guava helps to produce and absorb the hormones for the body. It also improves endocrine function, especially the thyroid gland where the metabolism of food and energy.
Reduced hypertension
Many medical studies show that if our body consumes foods without fiber, it is prone to high blood pressure, and consumed foods will quickly turn into sugars. Due to high fiber content, low glycemic index, combined with a daily diet, it contributes to improved hypertension, lowered bad cholesterol and reduced cardiovascular risk.
However, when consuming guava you need to remember the small note includes do not eat nuts because they are indigestible, to change position, instead of eating you drink the same effect.
Weight loss
Low fat content is suitable for weight loss. Especially in red guava (guava guava) there are more lycopene in tomatoes, not only work against diseases related to obesity but also other diseases such as primary diabetes, reduce the risk heart-related diseaes.
Diabetes treatment
A Korean study has documented the effect of diabetes treatment on guava. Studies have shown that tyrosine hosphatase 1B enzyme inhibitors of guava leaf extracts are effective in treating type 2 diabetes. In fresh guava, a high content of soluble and insoluble fiber is possible. Helps people with diabetes safely lower blood sugar.
However, eating whole guava is not good for your blood sugar. The best way to eat guava for diabetes is to peel off the skin.
Some note when eating guava
Do not eat juicy guava or green because the taste in the guava will be harmful to women with stomach disease or constipation.
Do not eat whole grains, or eat if you need to chew, because swallowing the whole grain will be difficult to digest and lead to stomach pain.
People who have asthma should use guava in the form of pureed or pressed water to absorb better.
The shell of the guava is very good vitamin C for beauty, but for diabetics when eating should peel off the shell.
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