Wood Chips

Solid material is wood chips from tree to be chopped or from the debris of a tree . Wood chips are used as a raw material and solid biomass as raw material for pulp production , as fuel or MDF
     Depending on the chemical nature and their different mechanics that specific use . The main tree is peeled , the song stems mostly peeled. Wood and bark of the tree was chopped off is handled in different processes depending on intended use

- Composition woodchips : rubber, cashew and Melaleuca ( Most rubber )

- Production process : Chopping firewood cover, rubber and cashew.

- Specification General woodchips :
   + Moisture : 35-40 %
   + Length : 9-45 mm
   + Width : 10-20mm
   + Thickness : 5-8 mm
   + Shell: 20 %


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