Oyster mushroom is also called Pleurotus Ostreatus, abalone, or tree mushrooms. It lives up to its name — it looks, smells, and tastes like oysters.

With virtually no stalk, this mushroom's oyster-shaped caps usually grow in layers on dead deciduous wood (or on some supermarket shelves), like clusters of oysters.
The moist, hairless, fragrant, white to smoky-gray caps are 2-8 inches wide.

Type: oyster mushroom
Style: fresh 
Grade : A
Colour : white
Size (DIA) : 2 - 5 cm
Part : whole
Shelf life : 40 days
Packing        : as buyer's request

Type: oyster mushroom
Style: dried 
Grade : A
Colour :  grey, purple, yellow
Size (DIA) : 3 - 5 cm
Part : whole
Moisture : 15% max
Impurities : 1% max
Nnatural fragrance  
No burned pcs  
Shelf life : 12 months
Packing : as buyer's request

Fungus is also called black fungus, black Chinese fungus (or mushroom), wood ear fungus, wood fungus, ear fungus, or tree ear fungus.

It has a mild flavour, and is useful for mixed mushroom recipes, but is still considered bland in the west. It can be dried and rehydrated, sometimes swelling to a very large size.
Young specimens are best,but the species is not edible when raw, needing to be cooked thoroughly. The whole fruit body can be eaten, but should be thoroughly washed before cooking.

Cooking can sometimes take a comparatively long time. The nutritional content of 100 g (3.5 oz) of dried fungus includes 370 kcal, 10.6 g of protein, 0.2 g of fat, 65 g of carbohydrate, 5.8 g ash, and 0.03% mg of carotene. Fresh mushrooms contain about 90% moisture.
Dried specimens may be ground up into a powder and used to absorb excess liquid in soups and stews, as it rehydrates into tiny fragments

Type: fungus (wood ear mushrooms)
Style: dried 
Color : black
Shape : wole, sliced, scrap
Thickness  : 0.7 mm min 
Width  : 1 - 2cm (20%) , 3 - 6cm (70%) over7
Moisture  : 15% max
Impurities  : 0.5% max
Packing : nylon bag, carton box outside
    as buyer's request

Straw mushroom: These jolly mushrooms are called Volvariella volvacea. Their common name comes from the rice straw on which they are grown. The straw mushroom, also called "paddy straw mushroom," is cultivated in the hot, steamy climate of Southeast Asia.

They are adaptable and take four to five days to mature, and are most successfully grown in subtropical climates with high annual rainfall. 
In Asia, the Straw Mushroom is readily available in fresh, dried, and canned form at most markets. Because they take well to indoor cultivation, fresh specimens are available year-round. In other parts of the world, exported dried and canned Straw Mushrooms can be found at Asian specialty stores and some large markets. Dried Straw Mushrooms can be rehydrated with boiling water, while canned ones should be drained and rinsed before use.

The Straw Mushroom has a delicate, musty, slightly earthy flavor which is quite appealing to some consumers. It takes well to inclusion in stir fries, soups, and stuffings, and retains both shape and flavor through cooking. It figures most prominently in Asian cuisine, and many Westerners are familiar with the shape and taste thanks to a proliferation of Asian-themed restaurants around the world. It can also be included in cuisine from other nations for an unusual injection of flavor and texture.

Type: straw mushroom
Style: salted mushroom

- Unpeeled straw mushroom: size LL, L, M, S, SS.
- Peeled straw mushroom: size L, M, S.
- Color: brown
Packing: drum (20kgs, 50kgs, 120kgs), plastic box, canned,..

Type: straw mushroom or champion mushroom
Style: frozen mushroom

Type: whole or slices 
Storage: -18oC
Packing: 5kg/ 10kg/ carton box

Type: straw mushroom
Style: canned mushroom

- Unpeeled size
- Peeled size 
- Unpeeled Ssze half - cut  
- Broken mix
Packing: as buyer's request


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