Agar powder

Agar-agar belongs to the natural polysaccharide, rich in dissolvable fiber.  
It contents low caloric, has function of health care to the human body, such as clearing the intestinal by removing noxious substances and lowering blood sugar.
Agar-agar is widely used as a base of bacterium culture medium and microbe carrier in medicine, agriculture and bioengineering.
It can be further made into Agarose, which is widely applied in the analysis and research of clinical diagnosis, biochemistry, microbiology and immunology. 

- Candy, jelly, rice cake, canned food, ham and sausage
- Jam, peanut butter, sesame jam
- Ice cream, water ic
- Fruit juice, beverage

- Gelation, stabilization
- Thickening , stabilization
- Stabilization
- Suspension, dispersion, stabilization

Gel /jelly strength : 800-1000g/cm2
Loss on drying :15% max
Residue after burning : 5% max
Hot water insoluble : 1% max
Starch assay : no blue color appearance
Appearance : from white to light yellow powder
Heavy metals (Pb) : 0.004% max
As : 0.0001% max
Packing  : 25, 50kg/PE/Kraft/PP bag
     or as buyer's request


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