Jackfruit seeds

Jackfruit seeds are the seeds or pods that are encased in the sweet, yellow pulp or flesh of the jackfruit. The seeds of the jackfruit plant are slightly knobby and can be boiled, eaten, roasted or fried.
They have a taste and texture similar to chestnuts and can be preserved by brining, soaking in syrup or freezing. Dried jackfruit seeds can also be ground into a flour.

Style: dried seeds

Quality assured, high nutrient content
Gluxit  : 31%
Starch  : 27.3%
Fibre  : 2%
Lipit  : 1.3%
Protein  : 11.7%
Calorific value : 174.8 Cal
Packing : in PP bags or as buyer's request

Style: seeds powder
Colour : brown
Taste : sweet
Moisture  : 12-13%
Packing : 25, 50 kg/bag or as buyer's request


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