Benzoin Siam Resin

Benzoin Siam Resin

Origin: Viet Nam
Color: slightly yellow
Feature: Insoluble in water, partially soluble in ether, completely soluble in alcohol
Flavor: Sweet Vanilla
Packing: in carton box or as buyer's requirement
Minimum quantity order: 50 kg


We choose a tree that is 10 years old and older to harvest the resin.

We cut the bark in March to April (when the weather is warm).The resin will slowly leak out. Until the last months of year, when the weather is colder, the resin is completely dried., wen begin to harvest the resin. It will take about the 9 months fron cutting the bark to collecting the resin.

After that, we let the benzoin tree rest within 3 months before the next harvest. During this time, bark wounds will regenerate on their own.


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