An Giang : The chilli prices rise up high

Update: 11/28/2013

The price increase in recent times , minus the cost of the chili farmers earned about 400 million VND / ha .
Compared with the previous year , prices in An Giang province peppers are very high and prolonged increase nearly month back . With farm gate prices from 40,000 - 45,000 VND / kg , depending on the peppers , large and small , beautiful color , but also bring cost benefits to farmers 400 million / ha .
Cause chilli prices rose sharply due chilli growers in the flood season , in areas closed dike safety .
In this encounter adverse weather , flood water has slowly drawn soaring chili prices . The price in the contract is that , while the market price for high consumers to 80,000 VND / kg . An Giang farmers currently selling two forms: fresh or dried chilies , dried chilies drying sale .
So far , in An Giang peppers were identified as colored trees of high economic value , compared with 65 types of vegetables grown in the province and is grown in Cho Moi district , Chau Thanh , Chau Phu and Long Xuyen city . Price chili always fluctuated from 30,000 - 40,000 VND / kg , the lowest was 15,000 VND / kg , in any price any profit growers still must eat .
Peppers but not adapted to prolonged flooding but easy to plant , care less public , less capital , more interest , intercropped with vegetables can eat the leaves , or under the canopy of coconut , mango . Peppers grow only one crop / year , just two months after sowing is starting to continuously harvest the next 4 months .
The remaining time , farmers planted more advantage is 1-2 for vegetables , contributing to increased profits .
Source: - Ngoc Diem
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