Seedless lime exported abroad

Update: 3/12/2013

Thanks to the application of techniques to model plant seedless lemon VietGAP standards , GlobalGAP , Cooperative ( Cooperative ) Thanh Phuoc Agricultural markets have stabilized products and export to many countries .
Easy to grow , high yield
Since the output is consumption of the whole product , high price , many gardeners grow seedless lemon in Chau Thanh district now very excited.
Mr. Nguyen Van Chien - Chairman of the Agricultural Cooperative Phuoc Thanh ( Dong Thanh commune , Chau Thanh district , Hau Giang ) - the first trials of this type of lemon said : " In 1999, I went to Tho Extension Center purchase 11 saplings planted on mounds head . After years of trials , it was not until 2004 that I replicated this new crop . "
Mr. Battle comment , advantages of seedless lemon trees compared with lemon tree is usually easy to care for , less infection , as opposed to , high yield , shiny skin , so many countries by consumers at home and abroad preferred .
It is known that the current Co-operative has 84 members to join the model plant seedless lemon 100ha . Of these, over 30 hectares ( with 25 members ) and GlobalGAP standards VietGap . Affairs Nguyen Van Du planting seedless lemon 2ha said this lemon varieties grown in just 18 months time is left around the beginning of the year , the average yield reached 3-5 tonnes / public . Lemon average price around 15,000 VND / kg , the highest point up to 36,000 VND / kg .
To join a cooperative , the members are required to participate in training courses on technical care very methodically. Each cooperative member , will be guided through pruning and fertilizing reasonable results with production logging , how to care for beautiful lemon .
Chien said average daily collected over 1 ton Cooperative seedless lemons . Cooperatives also invest cold storage system , to reserve lime kiln when in season . In addition to the consumer market in the local supermarket , seedless lemons out of many cooperatives have been purchasing foreign partners , monthly exports to some European countries and Singapore with a number from 2-3 tons .
Currently , in addition to Corporation Eco Farm - Ecofarm ( Duong Dong town , Phu Quoc District , Kien Giang Province ) signed a comprehensive cooperation in the production and consumption of seedless lemon VietGAP , social products Phuoc Thanh Agriculture cooperative members also the Fruit company - Republic Dutch company meeting the criteria of GlobalGAP and product consumption .
For the contracted area , the garden also support company processes seedless lemon cultivation techniques as cooperative requirements , supporting non-refundable 1 ton of organic fertilizer / ha ; sales of organic micro cooperative for a discount for ...
Mr. Tran Quang Hanh - Head of ARD Chau Thanh said : " Seedless Lemons is a plant in the alleviation of poverty is very effective . Department of Agriculture and Rural districts will continue to support cooperative technical care , selecting seedlings , fertilizers , use of plant protection products to meet market demand , increased income for growers . "
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